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drahmeOctober 22, 2006

Hi, I saw a question about bamboo. One thing I know does work is Silverstripe Bamboo in Northern Nevada, so I assume it will work in Southern Nevada. It is a clumping variety and we have kept its growth back by restricting water.

In the summer it would make a great privacy screen. I've seen this stuff in Kansas over 12' planted as hedge rows. More resembles a thick corn plant fence than anything else. I think water of course, would be the key.

Personally, I use Tamarisk because it's a fast grower, looks nice and it's free. Silverstripe was a result of a gift certificate and I never paid much attention to it but it would do well for privacy.

A couple pics: - about half way down.

I was very pleased with the gowing season in general this year. Actually got some rosemary to grow. Tomatoes were spotty, great crookneck squash.

Boy, Rainbow Chard was a 100% winner. First time we tried the variety and we are still picking it. The cooler temps are giving it its second wind.

We're going down to Bishop, CA for the weekend next week. Probably one of the last weeks before the passes get questionable.

At any rate, if you like roses - there are climbers there over thirty feet long. Very nice Teas and Floribundas too.

Good place to go scrounging for Cacti as well.

If you like Hollyhocks, there are some very old varities there along Main street and you can easily pick up quite a few seeds.

It's a great place to go during the winter season. Ski in Mammoth, Golf in Bishop and Fish in Pleasant Valley.


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