Cuban(11 LasVegas)October 9, 2006

Hi, so glad to see so many NV people out there!! I had joined this site last year and felt pretty much all alone in my quest to conquer gardening in Vegas!!

Big question: has anyone been able to grow any tall thick running bamboo for privacy (not the small golden bamboo)? I've seen the timber bamboo beautifully growing at the MGM pool area. If they can grow it there, why not us?

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I'm sure if MGM can grow it so can you!!

Normally we have more people posting but it''s been really quiet lately....maybe everyone is outside planting,etc in the cooler weather. Who knows? I'm out in Pahrump but I am forever trying gardening out here in the wild, wild (and very hot or cold & windy) West. Learning by making mistakes...what does grow out here (some plants surprised me)..basically raised gardens and containers are the way to grow...and drip systems!!

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