What Seed Catalogs do/will you have?

bill_southerncal(10 So.Cal)November 28, 2006

I'm trying way too hard to keep this forum going. But anyway, the first catalog has arrived from Pinetree Seeds. I like that company a lot, it's great for a smaller garden. For 75 cents you can get a few seeds of a certain variety. For me, it beats the companies with pretty packages and photos like Thompson and Morgan. Yes, they give you twice as many seeds but at four times the price! Actually, I do most of my ordering online, but these catalogs add so much color and life during a cold, stormy winter day.

I am hoping that Burpee, Abundant Life, Park's, Totally Tomatoes, and Wilhite seeds show up soon. What catalogs are you expecting (if they haven't arrived yet?)

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ljrmiller(z7 NV)

So far I have Thompson and Morgan (which I like, even though expensive), Pinetree Seeds, Stokes Seed and Rocky Mountain Rare Plants. The last one is alpine plant seed, and it's got some good stuff for xeriscaping. I like Stokes Seed because the prices are good and the quantities are huge in most cases.

I'm waiting for: Mr. Fothergill's (English and can be pricey), Chiltern Seeds (English and DEFINITELY pricey but well worth it), Alplains (think xeric and native plants), Northwest Native Seed (email list only--and I'm not sure of the current email request addy), Seeds of Change (lovely catalog), Select Seeds (antique flower seed varieties), Fragrant Path (fragrant plant seeds), Johnny's Seeds (organic vegetable and flower seeds, great quality) and the North American Rock Garden Society Seed Exchange. Supposedly Gardens North will only be available online this year--no print catalog (bummer!).

I have subscribed to the Royal Horticultural Society in the past, but I'm taking a break from temptation--the magazine you get is to DIE for and full of new plants I Simply Must Try--they also have a nice seed exchange program.

I also expect to see Burpee, Parks and a couple of other catalogs turn up fairly soon, but they are just for entertainment and daydreaming. I like Plants of the Southwest, too. It's just that I've pretty much run out of things to try from their selection. I also want to try some cactus seed from Mesa Garden if I let my enthusiasm run away with me.


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ljrmiller(z7 NV)

Totally Tomatoes arrived today. I wish I had a place to grow lots of tomatoes. I have too much shade.


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