Persian Silk Tree/Mimosa

themachine(9)November 13, 2007

I know it's considered an invasive weed in other parts of the US, but how does Persian Silk Tree/Mimosa do in Southern Nevada?

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I have seen these Albizias around in lawn situations for many years here in Las Vegas. I think it is so dry here that there invasive qualities are not noticed unless somone keeps a wet area - hopefully not as we are in a drought! It is a very tropical looking tree with pretty flowers.

That said it is not a desert tree and I don't believe it is on any current list of trees recommended for the area. For one thing, although it hasn't proved itself an invasive pest here yet who knows but what they may find some at Lake mead as happened with the salt cedar and green fountain grass. Also it doesn't like low water use conditions which can really slow its growth and make it yellow. It is also known for being weak wooded and messy and we do get some strong winds.

There are so many other great trees to grow, the mesquites, palo Verdes, desert willows, pithecellobiums, acacias that love it here and are low water use and every bit as beautiful that I would never recommend the silk tree for here.


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