Does anything mimic HVX?

Ruth_MI(z5MI)August 28, 2014

I was planting a clematis for my parents yesterday, and this hosta was next to where I was planting. It's coming up on either side of a board that holds gravel under their deck. Their deck was redone (with composite decking) in late November last year.

Mom doesn't remember where she got this hosta. Most of hers came from my garden, but probably 8 - 10 years ago. I've had no issues in my own garden. She has other hostas, but none directly adjacent, and all the rest of hers look fine.

I'm assuming this is likely HVX, unless somehow the construction affected it. It's so strange looking, I don't even know what it's supposed to be, but probably solid chartreuse.

Thanks for any help.

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

I'm pretty sure that's HVX. Do you have any test kits?


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

you dont need no stinkin test strip.. kill it ..

jeez.. why waste 5 bucks ...

i am not aware of any mimicking ...

i wonder if you sprayed a healthy plant with bleach or deck cleaner.. whether you might get a similar effect .... maybe someone who has some spare green undulata can experiment ...

but i wouldnt waste a minute on this one ... no doubt in my mind ...

you know the drill with shovel cleaning etc....


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Thanks Ken and Steve. I couldn't think of anything else it might be, but I'm not knowledgeable about HVX or hosta issues in general. Just seemed strange that it would show itself after 8 - 10 years. OTOH, I guess it could have been like that for a long time and I only saw it because I was planting there. It's kind of under the deck.

I think I'll leave it until next spring (laziness plus experiment to be 100% sure it's HVX), and assuming it comes up the same, I'll take bleach or whatever over there, dig it up, throw it out, plant some persicaria Painter's Palette,sterilize the shovel, and be done.

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