Why are the bamboo posts always on top of page

bill_southerncal(10 So.Cal)December 9, 2006

At least that's how it shows up on mine. In the other forums, the most recently posted/responded posts are on the first page, Just curious.

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Hey I was wondering this very same question Bill. Maybe they have invisible posts that we can't see? it makes no sense to me either.

ps I thought you'd be interested in this: I have been giving away my home grown tomatoes to my neighbors for Christmas!! I still have many, many more...so I'm busy making salsa and slicing some to eat,etc...and the rest I will freeze for cooking.


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Hello Bill and Beca,

Thinking you might be as tired of those bamboo posts on top also I have tried a theory of how to get them down and on their way into oblivion. I think that the reason they stay on top is because they have never been responded to. Imagine posting a thread on a busy day (not likely on our forum) and then having it disappear off the front page before anyone gets around to replying. In order to keep this from happening they stick around on top until they are responded too. At least this is what I think. Usually you bump a post to bring it to the top but I just bumped these to get them off the top. If that is really how it works than this post should be on top because it is posted minutes after the others were bumped.

Beca stop talking about your tomatoes:) I'm afraid to go into my greenhouse and see all the damage on my plants after all my water storage and heating pad ideas just weren't enough. Well I have two spindly things in the house, maybe I'll try potting them up in something bigger and bringing them out in the morning and in at night. Some of us will do anything for a decent tomato in the winter, and we don't have fifty pounds sitting around in boxes, baskets and every other container we can find waiting to ripen.


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bill_southerncal(10 So.Cal)


You're a genius. Well compared to me, that is - for what it's worth LOL. I just looked at this forum, and noticed the bamboo posts dropped back down a notch. Yay! Now we need more posts to prove to whoever that this forum is a keeper.

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Well Galllie (trying to sound like Gomer Pyle here)Maria.......

I will "try" to not talk about my tomatoes (much anyway)....LOL.
Let's hope this post moves on down...I didn't think this would do it either. The things we still learn how to do. Love it.


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