Tumbleweed Snowman!!!

loganladyDecember 3, 2006

Well, I finished him. If you go look in the garden photo gallery-you will see my Tumbleweed snowman. All he needs is a broom and he is ready to play.


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bill_southerncal(10 So.Cal)

Wow, great job. And he's even color coordinated. Frosty has nothing on this guy, and he won't melt!

Check out the pic by clicking the link below, or if it doesn't work, try copying and pasting this: http://photos.gardenweb.com/garden/galleries/2006/12/tumbleweed_snowman.html

Here is a link that might be useful: Beca's Tumbleweed Snowman

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Bill, Thanks for the link. I had tried to find Mr. Snowman in the galleries yesturday but couldn't locate him. It was nice to get to see him.

Beca, He is so cute! You did a great job and don't have to worry about him melting when we hit 50 degrees. Someday I'm going to have to figure out how to post pics. Now maybe I'll be inspired to get going on Christmas decorating at our house.


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Thank You Bill for giving everyone the link to see my snowman!! He is a cutie. I "thought" one could simply go into the photo gallery and see him but wrong. I wonder why GardenWeb makes it so hard to do the simpliest things sometimes?

Maria.....don't worry about not knowing how to post a photo. I couldn't do it. I had to have my computer genius hubby do it for me. I am just hoping the gusty winds don't blow our snowman away (or any worker "borrows" his ear muffs & scarf!! LOL). It has been 30 degrees in the mornings here.
I am also emailing my tomatoes photo to you...couldn't get it to upload here (again). I just had to show you how many I have. Unbelievable. Wished we lived closer so I could give you some (like a hundred-hehehe).


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Wow Beca,

You weren't kidding when you said you have a lot of tomatoes. Thanks for the pic by email. I didn't have near that many last year. Your neighbors are going to be very happy with you in about a month when they all start ripening at once and your giving them away to everyone you've ever met there in Pahrump. Have you ever had fried green tomatoes? They are pretty tasty and you could start working on your stash now.

About posting pics here I've read about how to do it enough times I've just never tried it. My husband opened up a photobucket account for me but I haven't even put any pics in it. Maybe he did. Anyway, I've been thinking this site needs some pics as I don't think anyone has posted one. Maybe I'll try it today.

I think my greenhouse tomatoes are suffering a slow death from the cold. I probably should just go in and put them out of thier misery but I keep hoping the weather will warm up a bit and they'll make a comeback. Because we sit at the base of Sunrise(Frenchman) Mountain the cold air just rolls off the hill and sits in our yard. Wouldn't be so bad if we had corespondingly cooler summers too but no such luck. I'm going to keep my eyes open for some kind of insulating covering for our little greenhouse for next year.


PS - we had the fireplace installed yesterday but since they didn't have the right air intake pipe we can only look at it!

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Maria you are having one fun time getting your new fireplace working. I certainly hope it all gets finished very soon and you'll be able to enjoy it!!
We have been using our fireplace since it got cold (2 weeks ago?)...it is very nice except for the time one morning...I had started a fire in it and it pushed some smoke out of the fireplace and into our great room instead of up the chimmey and of course, I set the fire alarms off (and Dan was still asleep)....at least we know they work-LOL. Now I have learned the art of starting a proper fire in there-hahaha. Soon you will get it all fixed too and can start your own fires in it.

I knew you'd appreciate the photo of my tomatoes. Too funny-I have NEVER grown so many in my life like this. Makes me think about the springtime and "if" I will plant as many???? I doubt it. I also wonder how many volunteers we will have next year. maybe I won't have to plant any. LOL.

This cold weather is really bothering my hummingbirds...every night their feeder freezes over and they patiently wait for them to melt so they can eat. Last year I made the mistake of hitting the plastic side of the frozen feeder (thinking I would jar it to help it thaw)....well...the feeder shattered and there was sugar water & broken plastic stuff all over and nothing for the birds to eat out of this time. Soo I don't do that anymore. ;) This California girl is learning all about the do's and don'ts of cold weather. LOL. Dan is from Minnesota so he knows all about cold weather.

Keep warm!!

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beaver007(5B NE)

Hello everybody, I usually hang out in the Banana and Palm forums, But I came down here to find out a little about Nevada gardening to help out the inlaws. The thing that made me speak up is that the wife and I just spent a week in Nevada with her parents (first time we have been out to see them since they moved out there two years ago), While we were out there the inlaws drove us around so we could see the whole town and something caught my eye so we stopped and I ran over to take a look and it was a cute little tumble weed snowman I wish I had my camera with me, A tumble weed snowman is kinda hard to explain to people here in Nebraska but then again so is you really can grow bananas and palm trees here.
The weirdness of me coming to this forum and running across that picture made me write in, Good job at adding a little white to your holidays in such a brown place "He or she sure is cute"
Beca I also have to add you picked a really nice town to move to I found it to be very peaceful and the people were extremely nice.

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Thanks beaver007!! I made tumbleweed snowmen in my former house in Orange County, California too!! This morning we had some snow flurries...I was hoping to get a photo of my snowman in the snow but not yet.
Pahrump is a quiet little town that is having growing pains.."they say" it will be another Las Vegas in 10 years but I don't think so. I am glad it is growing-we need more stores & businesses,etc...I miss having places to shop at (Target for one-love that store). You are right about the people who live here-they are very nice...that's what I liked about it too. It is very peaceful too. That's the first thing I loved about it when we decided to move here last year. Not crazy about the heat but that's what AC (and having a pool) is for ;)


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beaver007(5B NE)

Sorry this is late Becca but I have hearing problems and that plane ride to and from Pahrump tore my ears up even worse and I've been to loopy on pain killers to get on here and reply sooner (doc said I perferated an ear drum)OUCH
But anyway the Inlaws had some other visitors after us and I guess they had to take them over to see the tumble weed snow man too. Are their plans for little tumble weed children in the future?
Can I have your snow? We should be under a couple of feet by now and it dont look like we are going to get any for a while. Heck it was almost 60 degress here today. whats wrong with the weather? Nevada gets snow and where I live in Nebraska we havent even had a flake. Now thats not right. LOL

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Funny that you should inquire about our tumbleweed snowman today. We got some really gusty winds this morning...I saw my husband take off running out the front door...(I was wondering what was going on and then I saw that the snowman wasn't there)then I knew what was happening and I followed after him along the side fences yelling to just get the ear muffs and scarf...then noticed that the winds had also blew the rebar with it. LOL. A bit gusty indeed!!! (He had hammered the rebar into the ground thru the snowman when we first put him up). Anyway...he is gone now. :(:( I was going to take a last photo of him leaning backwards...looked like he was laughing. Oh well.
Next year we plan on having a family...we are glad your family enjoyed him over the holidays. Extremely interesting that you would see him in person then in my photo on the Gardenweb.
Do your inlaws live in Artesia area too? We had another storm blow through Mt Charleston & mountains at sunset-dropped snow again (we only got some rain)...you can have any snow that wants to stay on the ground out here...so far it hasn't LOL. You are right-you should have more snow in Nebraska!! 60 degrees-yikes that is a heatwave LOL.

I certainly hope your ear feels better now, OUCH. My husband wears hearing aids so I can relate to that problem. It's no fun dealing with bad ears. I had a double ear infection years ago and was flying to Denver, Colorado in 5 days....YIKES...my doctor gave me some excellent antibiotics to get rid of the infections in 3 days. I had no problems thank God for that.

Nice hearing from you again. I will send some snow your way now...........!

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beaver007(5B NE)

Artesia area? Please do'nt laugh at me but is'nt that in California. I know I know bad son inlaw I dont know a whole lot about where my inlaws live. my bad LOL
They live on the west side of Pahrump.
My sympathies on your loss of a family member. He has warmed our hearts with his cute little red ear muffs and scarf and for that he will be remembered forever (or until next years family is out in your yard) in our hearts.
It rained today YIPPIE and a hour west of me they are freezing their butts off and have snow, I hate the snow but the native plants need the cold. If this crazy weather pattern holds out for to many more years I'll be growing oranges and Florida will be scooping snow. LOL
I'm rebelling against hearing aids, My cousin is an ear nose and throat Dr and tried to sell me a pair over market price, So I figure I would just keep driving her nuts by saying WHAT, She doesnt need to know I can half butt read lips so I am not that annoying to everybody else just her.

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You are bad. LOL. My FIL has a bad right ear but he reads lips VERY well-we forget this sometimes...and we should keep remembering this.

Yes, there is an Artesia area in California...I swear everyone is from the southern California area. (I am from Torrance and later so. orange county area myself). That's what we call the area where we live here in Pahrump....southwest area.

I had to laugh-I bought the "new" 2007 Thomas Brothers Map book for 2007-said it had added cities to it's Las Vegas coverage,etc...couldn't see it before I bought it for the stupid wrapping. Our area was NOT in the book. We have been here since 2005!!! I had to laugh. I suppose in a few more years they will put us in the map book.

I suppose someday everyone's weather will be normal again---just don't know when. I can't wait to see what plants will make it through this freezing weather we've had. I have a beautiful palm tree that got hit bad from a frost in October. It was beautiful but now it's fronds are brown and ugly. I did see some green in the middle yesterday so I think it'll be ok. Can't wait for spring though.

BTW-have you chatted with dirt_dew in the banana section of GardenWeb? He grows bananas,etc...in his Arizona garden. He helped me get this forum up & running here.


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