Prune Roses by New Years or Super Bowl?

slash-nevadaDecember 29, 2007

I have always pruned my rose bushes superbowl weekend, but they already have a little growth to them by then. Does anyone prune their roses now? With it possibly freezing at night, will that stress out the plants? Anyone have any thoughts?

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Sorry for the late reply, still recovering from Christmas! Personally I don't like to have a certain date to do gardening chores because the weather conditions vary from year to year. For pruning I just like to wait until it's been cold enough for the roses to have gone into dormancy. This year we had a really long warm fall and it took longer than usual.

I've heard that if you prune too soon it will encourage them to leaf out and then get damaged by a late cold spell but here in Las Vegas I haven't really noticed that happening. Even last year when we had that cold week in late winter that damaged the early fruit trees flowers I didn't notice any problems with our roses. This week I plan on doing a lot of pruning including roses and don't expect them to really start growing until later on when it starts being consistantly warmer.


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OK, so I tried pruning them back a little at Christmas and they started to bud again. Decided that it would be healthier to prune them backto about 9 inches and remove all the old growth, did it on Super Bowl weekend. Will see how good they grow this year and report back.

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Roses are ready to Bloom on March 31st, pruning on superbowl weekend seemed to be the ticket. Havent fertilized at all, great blooms coming out this week.

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