Need help with Gaultheria procumbens 'Winter Green' seeds

dandy_line(3B (Brainerd, Mn))November 5, 2011

I found some really nice Winter Green berries this past week and would like to germinate them. However, when I crushed the berries in hot water to extract the seeds, I can't find them, unless they are really tiny laying on the bottom. Does anyone have experience with this species? Is now an ok time to harvest the berries or do they months more on the plant. Or maybe they just are really tiny seeds.

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Cullina doesn't say anything about their being so tiny. Maybe they weren't ripe yet? Or perhaps they didn't get pollinated appropriately or had a disease?

I had what I thought were lovely seed pods on a silverbell, but when I opened them, something had eaten all of the seeds!!

Cullina says Gaultheria is slow from seed and cuttings and division are "more practical." Good luck!

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Just harvested some seed - the seeds are very small. Less than a millimeter, and there were many seeds in each berry.

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Good to know. I am cleaning seeds now, and my first experience with cranberry made my eyes cross...too small! The seeds that are almost dust, like orchids, are really easier, to me, than finding tiny seeds.

Good luck with growing them. I potted some up last winter, but nothing is showing yet. I usually wait at least three years before I give up. Had some native clematis that took three to germinate, so I try to be patient.

(And I live off the road, so neighbors cannot see my pot ghetto!)

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