Identification help?

TracyNaNovember 9, 2013

Wondering if anyone can help identify this? I'm assuming it's a climbing or trailing cactus? It was growing in soil at my son's South Florida home. The biggest part of the plant (at the bottom) was what I brought home and I am amazed at all the new growth. The thin white protrusions were sticky for awhile. I don't know if it wants to climb or trail but I haven't much choice but to try to train it to a trellis.(PS, there's an aloe in there too!)

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It looks like an Epiphyllum, aka epi or orchid cactus. These are most often grown as a hanging plant.

And not exactly a native plant......unless you live in Central America :-)) There is a plant identification forum if you have more plants you wish to ID.

Here is a link that might be useful: Epiphyllum or epi hybrids.

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Thankyou so much!

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