Hosta Leaf - What is this?

bishop5(5 IA)August 24, 2014

I noticed last night that a few leafs on one of my NOID Hosta has a definite different appearance. I was thinking it was possibly a virus or nutrient deficiency.

"After" picking off one of the leaves for a picture this morning, I added sport as a possibility? If so, I probably should not have picked it.

Would appreciate your thoughts on this leaf. The plant has about 3-4 of them .. less this one.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

not a virus ..

not a sport ...

i dont know about nutrients ...

its near sept for most of us in z5 .... if not elsewhere ...... i dont spend a lot of time wondering about wonky leaves.. this time of year ....

crikey ... they could be frosted down in a month or 6 weeks...

which means.. it definitely NOT TIME TO BE FERT'G....

they need to be slowing down for fall... not growing too fast ...

if you can remember.. give it a little fert next june ... see if that makes a difference by next fall ...

lol .. and on that logic and time frame.. is a sure indication why it never gets done around my place... little chance i will remember next june.. and even if i do ... i wont remember next fall .. lol ...


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bishop5(5 IA)

Thanks Ken ... just found the tiny streaking through each vein interesting and odd.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

oh.. i complement your observations...

i have enjoyed the same many a time ...

i just dont want you freaking out about virus.. or some such ...

never stop looking... just dont be chicken little .. of which i didnt expect of you.. its more a message for lurkers and neophytes ....


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donrawson(Z 5)

Like Ken said, no virus or sport...a common appearance for new foliage...

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Bishop, that is a great close-up! I have experienced much of this in the new leaves, hosta to hosta...more noticeable in single coloured leaves like yours. Quite interesting in variegated ones as they transition. Really great shot!


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bishop5(5 IA)

Thanks Don, Ken, and Jo. I appreciate the comments. As a newbie to Hosta gardening and a frequent lurker on this forum, I have learned sooooooo much in just a couple months. In this particular case, I will watch this Hosta to see what appears in the spring. I'm very glad this was not a sign of a virus.

Along with this forum, I keep the Hosta Library and a couple other resources open in a separate tab for easy reference.

We purchased our property 18 months ago. It's a large city lot in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. About 1/3 acre with 9 big oaks and 30 other trees (I've never got a good count on trees) and between 50 - 100 Hostas. Along with a couple daylily's and ferns ... Oh .. and lots of weeds of every type.

Other than a nice stand around 3 of the oak trees, the remainder is all hodge podge. With this groups inspiration, I've begun identifying, purchasing, and building planting areas. Thanks to everyone!!

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