Need help identifying what plant my puppy ate please!

kren2009November 22, 2009

Hello, I am in the Seattle area. I moved here a couple of years ago and don't know all the native plants. I have two beautiful dogs that I walk on a trail every day. One is a puppy though, only 15 weeks old, and I usually keep my eye on her constantly because she puts everything in her mouth, but my other dog was having an issue so I turned my head for a sec and she started eating a pod. There are these red/orange pods with little tufts on top on plants that are typical oblong, green, glossy leaves, and they get to be about apricot size. They do have a lot of white seeds in them. They kind of look like a little pomegranates but with persimmon skin. I asked someone on the trail what it was and she said she only knew the German word for it but that it was used to make red tea. I just need to verify that it is harmless. They grow all over the place so I am sure people know what it is. Thanks in advance!!

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I don't know. You may want to try the Name that plant forum. There are alot of very knowledgeable folks that can id plants with the briefest of descriptions.


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I don't know either...I'm not familiar with plants of the Pacific Northwest. But if your puppy is exhibiting any unusual symptoms, you may want to bring her to the vet to be examined, just in case...

I agree with FataMorgana that you may want to try GardenWeb's "Name That Plant" forum (see link at the bottom os this post) and see if someone there can help identify the plant. A photo would definitely help.

Here's a link for GardenWeb's Northwestern Gardening Forum...maybe someone on that forum may know what the plant is.


You can also try bringing or e-mailing a photo of the plant to your local Cooperative Extension if you are still concerned. They may be able to help identify it. Try "googling" the name of your county plus the words "Cooperative Extension" to find yours.

Sometimes state park employees or people who work at nature preserves can be helpful in identifying plants if there is a state park or nature preserve near you.

You can also try contacting your local chapter of the Washington State Native Plant Society and see if they can help you identify the plant.


There is also always a chance it is a non-native plant that has escaped from someone's garden, perhaps by birds or mammals distributing the seeds inside the pods/fruits via their droppings.

Good luck & best wishes for your new puppy.

Here is a link that might be useful: Name That Plant forum

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