Hakuna Matata baby Gunnera Manicatas!

firevicarJanuary 30, 2006

What a great mushy day in the garden. After the night's rain my swamp is gurgling happily.

I just transplanted some year-old seedings of the white flowered skunk cabbages (lysichiton kamschatensis sp?) from a seed exchange with a japanese garderner.

Thanks to advice from Ian, I am tending a crop of infant gunnera manicatas from seed saved last October.

This is the genious of the GW. Gardeners helping each other.

I've got a whole flat winter sown gunneras waiting to be germinated. If I can get them going in time, I'll bring them to the Spring Green Elephant Plant Swap in Redmond.




Here is a link that might be useful: Spring Green Elephant Plant Swap

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

You'll probably have to hover over those Lysichitums after you plant them out, they tend to disappear in the prescence of slugs here. Same thing with non-native trilliums and wild gingers (Asarum): the native species can be right there, growing and flowering happily with slugs taking down the guest from foreign lands mere feet away.

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Any seed left or did you get the gunneras all planted? I cannot get up to the Seattle area very often until summer, but would love to try growing gunnera from seed in Pdx.


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greenelephant(Woodinville WA)

Follow up Sept 07.

Gunnera seedlings from 06 did not fare well through the winter. I think I got too eager in March. I had 15 in pots and exposed them too early and all but one died. But spring '07's seedlings, winter sown in fall of '06, mulched and left outside down to 13 degrees F., germinated very well. Here's 50 6-inch pots of seedlings.

I'd really like to try this with Gunnera tinctoria. Anyone got a seed head?

I will give away gunneras to anyone at the Green Elephant.

Also, I divided my Cyperus papyrus 'isocladus' dwarf papyrus and have 15 one-gallon pots to give/share at the Green Elephant. This plant needs to come in for the winter and does well in the house near a window or under lights.

Email or give me a call.


Jim Eichner
425-223-7249 cell

Here is a link that might be useful: Fall Green Elephant Plant Swap

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Hi Jim,
I am new to this sight and this will be my first ever trading experience. I hope to get a Gunnera and a Cyperus papyrus. From what I have seen so far you are a major reason this happens...Thank you!
Happy gardening,

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