Asexual propagation of Cypripedium

prhartDecember 31, 2006

The American Horticultural Society's plant propagation book briefly describes the reproduction of Cypripedium species from root cuttings. Does anyone have experience with this and can they provide more detailed instructions on how it is done?

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nankeen(z8b Portland OR)

Hi Pierre,
There was a good article by Hoshi etc in an issue of Lindleyana 1994 that detailed nodal microprop of Cyp montanum, as well as germination of various asian Cyps. Despite the article's age, MS is still the Tissue Culture medium of choice for most & the hormones used are still the standard, though I'm certain that testing could yield better results now.

(Applicable) "Abstract: Nodes of axenically cultured C. montanum transplanted onto MS agar medium supplemented with 0.2mg/L NAA and 2.0mg BAP grew readily forming thick well-branched rhizomes and 20 or more shoots in flasks within a month. By cutting and removing the meristems of multiple shoot tips, nodal culture may be a promising method for in vitro micropropagation of Cypripedium montanum and similar taxa."

Please note that this procedure requires real lab stuff, not just the goofy stuff I do. A friend of mine followed this procedure on Cyp reginae and had excellent results. If one had a mind to do so (and a lab), one could easily out produce standard seedling based enterprizes with this method. Eventually I'd love to try this stuff... when I have more time & $$ to devote to my "hobbies".

All the best,

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