cheap hydrangea source in RI?

sadie2005April 28, 2008

Hi everyone...anyone know of a good nursery with reasonably priced hydrangeas in RI (I am in Narragansett but am willing to travel!)? I bought a new house and want to buy a bunch but most nurseries sell 1 gallon for $30 or so. thanks for any advice!

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Check your local HD or Lowes.
If you are not looking for specific names/cultivars generic Nikko Blue or whatever HD/Lowes will be selling at that time will be as good as any hydrangeas sold in a nurseries.
Expect to pay $10 for 1G, $17-18 for 2G and $23-25 for 3G.

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Last year Freirichs farm in warren had some nice hydrangeas and they were reasonable..I know it was around Mothers Day, that is when he has the best selection.

good luck !

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tulipscarolan(z6 RIcoast)

I'm less sure about a cheap source, but have an additional idea for you. Depending on your patience, it may help. Layering hydrangeas is the easiest form of propagation out there. So if you just buy one or 2 hydrangeas this year, you can layer several of their branches, and next year replant the babies. You'll be just one year behind, with loads of free plants. I did this two years ago, and now I have 8 free substantial sized baby hydrangeas for a hydrangea "hedge" I started. There are lots of directions for layering on the net, but basically, I just bend down a soft branch into the soil and place a rock over it to keep it down. Later, after I think new roots have grown there, I cut it apart from the mother. I keep it in place for a little while to grow more, and then can transplant it wherever. I haven't found it necessary to nick or cut the part I'm burying, or to deal with rooting hormone, etc. Anyway, if you need many hydrangeas and can wait a year, it's a good way to increase your stock.

Either way, happy plant shopping!

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Thanks for the info I am going to try that with mine, I was just going to purchase more..Id rather take the time and grow my own !

BTW, do you mind me asking where on the coast in RI you are ? Been looking for some gardeners in RI..I am in Bristol

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tomakers(SE MA Zone 5/6 or ?)

They are also pretty easy to start from cuttings. My wife has started 3 or 4 each of the last couple of years and they root well and seem to have over wintered well also. Cut a tip about 6" long and place in a small coffee cup in soil, water well, and put in a plastic sealed bag. We have done about a dozen this way.

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THanks for all the tips. I will splurge on a few and then propogate my own babies.

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I was at WalMart in Brockton yesterday and got a 1 gal. Endless Summer for $19.99. They also had a 2 gal for $40.

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