Two types of black eyed susans

stevegaDecember 27, 2007

I have two types of black eyed susans and would like to direct my daughter-in-law to get one rather than the other.

One has very large orange/yellow flowers (4"+ across) and has fuzzy wide leaves. The other has smaller flowers with narrower not fuzzy leaves. They both grow 2 1/2' tall.

I want her to get the fuzzy leaved variety, even though it appears to be suseptible to powdery mildew, for a garden area around her driveway in North Carolina.

The big flowers are showy and I think that it may be more resistant to their heavy deer pressure.

Are they both rudbeckia hirta? The fuzzy one looks like a miniature of the wild black eyed susans I see in Colorado. I'm afraid that the difference in leaves will be hard for her to distinguish when small plants are sold in the spring. Is there a particular cultivar I could tell her to look for?

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I consider the fuzzy one to be rudbeckia hirta. Other ones could be Rudbeckia fulgida or Rudbeckia triloba (two of the more common non-fuzzy ones).

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Thanks Ellen. I think it is hirta Indian Summer. I still have one flower from a volunteer.

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