difference between grass and sedge?

steelskies(5)December 7, 2011

Can someone explain the differences - what makes a grass and grass, and a sedge a sedge? Thanks in advance.

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Grasses have joints; sedges have edges. (There is a rhyme to support this!) There are other differences, but to the naked eye, the grass flowers have the herringbone pattern that looks like wheat, while the sedge, officially Carex, has only one bract and often separate male and female flowers. I usually notice the joints on the grasses first.

The Carex genera have been increasingly popular in landscaping lately. I love C. plantaginea and C. platyphylla. The first one is normally found in moist areas, but it has done well for me in dry shade for several years, even in drought. Try it!

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dandy_line(3B (Brainerd, Mn))

My entire 1 & 1/2 acre 'lawn' is wild and mostly Carex pennsylvanica. It looks like grass, but only grows 8" tall and never needs to be mowed. What a good deal.

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I love C. pennsylvanica...also the Cherokee one. I can get them "going" in clumps in containers or a few spots in the ground, but apparently it is too hot here to have a large expanse such as you have...and we have in the NC mts.

Your "lawn" sounds wonderful!

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

I have Cedar sedge growing wild under my cedar trees. It is hot and dry here. Carex planostachys. It grows where it wants to grow, not where you want it to grow. I have a difficult time moving it around. the roots are very touchy.

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Had to look that one up. Nice. If I ever get out to TX again, I will watch for it.

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