spring fed hole fauna ???

compost_hugger_nancy(z4/5 NES MI)December 24, 2006

Spring fed hole about 6 or 7' roundish. Had frogs last year and this fall but now I found a frog dead and some whorl leaved green plant. I'm assuming the plant is some kind of bladder wort or horn something?? Can't locate any pictures to ID it.

The hole is spring fed and I have never seen it freeze over. A little thin ice at edges last year but only a thin glaze no more than 1 inch wide. The brook it creates only 3-9 inches wide. Never saw any dead frogs in it either. It was full of frogs this past year. Could it be milfoil that entered from the ground spring? Could milfoil take all oxygen and kill the frogs?

So now that the spring is in more sun than past (elder etc near falling over. Never noticed this plant until last three years. Never seen it on any of the rest of the property (wet conifer peat wooded). So I am wondering where to find a possible photo ID.

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Do you have a picture of it that you can share?

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knottyceltic(S/W Ontario 5b)

I'm not trying to sound cheeky (at all) but I don't think one dead frog is something to worry about with or without the plant. It's possible it could have died of natural causes or something grabbed it and then decided it wasn't pallitable. If you saw a group or even an abundance of dead frogs, then I'd worry.

Whorled pogonia is a threatend plant in MI so if that's what it is, it's a blessing to see one (or more).


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