Garden site, east or south facing?

brettzJanuary 4, 2013

I have two potential locations for our vegetable garden, one is on the east side of our house, which gets sun from both the east and the south and full sun all day long. It is in a slight east-facing slope. The slope is nothing extreme (a tractor could easily work on it). The other location is on the south side of our house. It is a level spot. Obviously the south spot would be the most ideal but i would rather use that for our horse pasture as it lines up in a much better spot. In my mind it seems just fine to use the more convenient spot on the east side since it gets full sun. I was just curious if anyone had points to bring up that I have not considered as far as vegetable garden siting. Thank you and happy new year.

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More important than the compass-facing is the daily hours of sun and if the garden area is in a depression where cold air can collect at night.

If your east site gets 8 hours or more of sun from April-October and is not in a hollow, it should do fine, as long as the slope does not create shadows before late afternoon from the sun swinging around to the west.

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