Arisema germination

ncrescueDecember 30, 2007

Well, this fall I was too busy to clean the Jack seeds that I collected in late summer but "lost" in the house until right before leaving for a major trip in October. I just shoved them all into holes I poked into the soil of a large pot. Imagine my surprise last week when I saw that about 10 had already germinated, with a large leaf and all! In past years uncleaned seeds usually took a second season. Anyone have any comments? Not cleaning really saves a great deal of time.

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I'm surprised you were so lucky. Clearly they will germinate at some point without hand cleaning, since when they fall on the ground, just the winter weathering takes care of them. But I always thought germination was better with cleaning, particularly if you wanted quick germinaton.

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Well, I have about 30 plants that have been up since January, so I guess in the future I will not clean again. Wish I could find a shortcut for trilliums. I am finally seeing babies out there, in fact, hundreds of them, and this after last summer's drought. Maybe they really don't like much water??? Who knows? Mother Nature can be strange. In fact, that is what makes natives so interesting.

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lycopus(z5 NY)

In my seed sowing experiments I have found Trillium and Maianthemum to be quite durable when planted in situ. They just take two growing seasons before they send up a shoot. I got germination and survival rates of 60% for false solomon's seal, 40% for Trillium erectum, and 55% for jack in the pulpit at the end of the first full season, although I used cleaned seed.

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