HAVE: People close to east side of cincinnati to trade with

robin16795(6)February 27, 2009

Looking for people in the southern Ohio, Northern Ky area that are interested is trading gardening stuff. (plants, cuttings or just about anything related to the garden. I have lots of fantastic plants that I can trade but my schedule is usually very full and can be a little hard to get ahold of. I have lost of ornamental grasses, hardy bamboo, hardy pond and water plants, weeping willows etc, etc, etc.

Is anyone out there is this area????

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Hi there! I live in south east Ohio. About 3 hours away from Cinci but I have family there and travel a lot. I saw you have bamboo listed. I'd be interested in knowing what you've got. Maybe I've got something we could trade?
Let me know. Thanks!

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i live in northern KY Cincinnati area. i am only 5 minutes from down town. i have a growing collection of plants some of which i know the names but many i dont. Most of them are succulents/house plants but the verity grows weekly. (growing things is an addiction for me... i feel there are far worse things to be addicted to)

let me know if you are interested.

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msprettyky(Z6 KY)

Northern Ky here. Have lots to trade. PLMK

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I am new to the area and tackling my shade garden. I have spider plants, African violets, and English ivy to trade.
Also, I have veggies growing: beefsteaks tomatoes, sugar snap peas, and herbs. Attempting to grow some poppies and sunflowers.

I am looking for ferns, corabells, astilbe, and hydrangeas.

Let me know if anyone wants to trade.

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am new to this area and have not much to trade but could use advice .................this place is pretty flat ..........no trees............. there were some ornamenal grasses but they were all flattened by the snow ...........any advice would be greatly appreciated ..........thanks

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I'm located in Cheviot on the west side of town. I'm interested in natives and fruits and veggies and keep my exchange lists updated.

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We've been in Glendale (near Cincy) for about 2 years now and have just figured out the gardens in our home. We have a lot of border liriope that we need to thinned out. Does anyone want to come over and help themselves? We also have WAY too many hostas; but, it's a little too early to dig any of them up.

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In Florence, ky and looking to start a grove of bamboo, can someone help?

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