Overwintering young hosta

dgregory_so.cntrl.IL_zone6aAugust 17, 2012

I posted this question in someone else's thread. There were no answers (probably because I should have started my own thread) so I am starting a new thread on this subject. :-)

Here's my situation:

I have had a young Woodland Elf mini in my trough all summer. When I purchased it, in the spring, the garden shop I bought it from told me to keep it in the little box that it came in. They said it hadn't developed enough roots yet to be planted out of the box. So, I cut out the bottom of the plant box and sunk it in the trough for the summer. I took the pic this morning. It is very small in it's 3" box, but appears to be doing well.

My question is: Should I leave it in the (cut open end) plant box in the trough over the winter? Or should I carefully lift the plant box and keep it in an unheated garage where I overwinter other hosta in pots?

I know it's early to be concerned about it, but I want to be prepared to do what is necessary for this young hosta so it will make it to next spring.

Thanks for any insight and advise.


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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

Either way it should be fine. I just wouldn't leave it as is. If you decide to leave it in its current spot, then dig it up, remove the pot, wash off the planting mix, spread out the roots and replant it.

If you decide to bring it into your garage, dig it up, wash off the current mix and then repot it in a slightly larger pot with new mix. In either case don't add fertilizer.

Do this as soon as it's cool enough (i.e. not 90 degrees). If you pot it up then make sure it stays in the shade until frost. Keep it well watered until it goes dormant.


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Good to know I have options ;-) Thank you Steve!


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