WANTED: Prearranged Louisville Swap June 2nd 2007 trades

Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)April 24, 2007

I have many things to trade, and some to just share with no trade necessary.

I have lost some things, and need to do a bit of updating in my spare time (??), but would love to start getting a few things potted up, and waiting for the swap.

Please show me your have and wish list. Hopefully I can get a lot of the extras shared/traded, and find a few things of interest from my wish list, or things I don't even know I need/want yet.

Please be sure and post here, so I can best keep track of any interests, and drop me an email as well. A lot of emails via GW are (or were) going into cyberspace, so feel free to get my email addy from the form here, and to email me privately.

I look forward to meeting a lot of folks there!


Here is a link that might be useful: My list that needs some updating

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Hi all. here's my wish list and my give list:
unfortunately, we just moved last June and I don't have too much to offer just yet.


Astilbe, pink, burgundy, or white
Artemesia - silver mound
Dianthus/Pinks (as my Mom calls them)
Creeping Jenny (love it!)
Tickseed moonbeam (love it! miss it!)
Sedum spurium - Dragon's Blood (love it!)
Weigela - magenta pink, or light pink (love it!)
Butterfly bush - any kind.
Lavender Augustifolia - Munstead or Grosso or Hidcote or Fred Boutin(is beautiful)
Iris - yellow bearded
Iris - siberian, purple and yellow
Lambs ear
Pussywillow - Salix caprea
Thyme, Thymus vulgaris German Winter, culinary herb
Oenothera, evening primrose - pink
Clematis paniculata
Blue eyed grass or yellow eyed grass (too cute)

Hosta - I think it is American Dream, I have about 20 or more to bring to swap.

Berberis thunbergii - deep deep red.I think it is "Rose Glow" very pretty... very thorny!

Lily-of-the-valley , soon to be dug up and divided and moved. some left over for swap.

Sedum Autumn Joy - 2 huge plants... can maybe divide. I've never worked with this succulent... not sure how to divide it without damaging it... do you know?

Hemerocallis fulva - old time orange daylily.. i have 2 - 3 for the swap.

I think that is it... I will look around some more and see if anything new is coming up in the yard... I seem to find stuff all the time. :-) see y'all june 2.

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Sue, I would like to have crocosmia too ;))
I didn't see anything on your want list that I have-
I will check again when I am 'more awake' LOL!

I have Dragon's Blood Sedum- I may have lamb's ears at my Mom's house- I have purple German bearded iris- you want some of them?

My exchange page is WAY out of date- My little city cottage garden is about full- I can't think of anything I really need- I would find room for day lillies and crocosmia though :))

will check here again soon
Linda by the airport

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OK, I've finally got my exchange page done. I feel like a jerk because my wants so heavily outweigh my offers. Hopefully, if we have a fall swap some of the things that I do have will have increased so I will have more to offer.

Sue, your exchange list is a smorgasboard, but I don't have the first thing on your want list except maybe the pink poppies. Let me know if you see anything that does interest you or if you'd like the poppies. I'd love to trade.

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Ok, here's what I'm bringing to the swap. Not much this year, I'm afraid....

Malva Zebrina--several babies in 4" pots
Rudbeckia--several babies in 4" pots, sprouted between "Cherokee Sunset" and "Prairie Sun," so don't know who their parents are
Chocolate Morning Glory--2 small pots with 3 plants each, started from seed

Will dig if anyone wants:
Lily of the Valley (white)
Unnamed Hosta
Lambs Ear

I also have the following garden items I'll bring if anyone wants them:
3 green plastic hanging baskets
3 white plastic hanging baskets
5 6' bamboo stakes (dyed green)
Tiny ziplock bags for storing seeds
"oasis" good for cut flower arrangements
Nursery pots in various shapes & sizes

Also check my trade lists for seeds I have.

Please let me know if you see something on my list that you want me to dig or bring. I'm not going to dig things unless I have a pre-arranged home for them.

I would really love to get some daisies at the swap. Other than that, I'm keeping an open mind. We're hopefully going to be moving this summer, so I have no idea what to plan for, but will be nursing some pots for awhile, I guess.

Looking forward to the swap!


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Jen....would the bamboo stakes work for tomatoes?
Sharon....I have the astible for you...both Pink and white.
Does anyone have any herbs?????

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I've got

Guzmania lingualata
Portea alatesipala
Vriesea 'christine'
Schefflera 'Luseane'
Crassula perforata
Dwarf aloe (unknown species)
Hymenocallis littoralis

Im only planning on bringing about 5 rooted Vriesea pups to give/trade. The rest i'll only bring for a prearranged trade.

Im looking for a small Ficus benjamina. I know it's mostly outdoor plants but i figure ill give it a shot.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I am in need of tomato plants if anyone has any extras started.

I have together or hope to get together yet the following for the following members.

Oenothera, evening primrose - pink-NTP(need to pot)
Creeping Jenny-NTP
iris-not sure if it is Siberian, but it is purple and has grass like foliage-NTP
Pinks-will bring cuttings of different ones-NTC
Lavender-I stuck some cittings in a pot last week...we shall see if they look ok to bring
maybe other misc things I will be bringing to share/swap

flowerchildky-Linda (by the airport)
may I have some Dragon's blood also please? Is there anything from me you might like?

wishfulthinking-your name escapes me since you don't sign your posts---sorry
I will have some (if not all) of the following for you
Dianthus gratianopolitanus 'Firewitch"-cuttings (ntc)
Clematis-hopefully-these have been in pots sunk in the garden for year...don't know what will happen when I 'dig' them out-NTD
Golden Creeping Jenny-NTP
Salvia-Plumosa-I 'stuck some cuttings in a pot last week- we shall see. Otherwise I can bring cuttings of Plumosa and maybe another one or 2-NTC
Iris-different colors of TB-NTD
Possibly other things-NTD/P
Might you still have a Azalea 'Kaempo'- self-layered start???I would love one if you do.

broodyjen-Jen-dear friend!
For you a have a small rooted start of Katherine Havemeyer lilac-NTD
Old fashioned lilac-you were needing one...right?-NTP
possibly other lilac suckers
Clematis-again-these are in small pots and were put in soil years ago
I would love the choc MG and malva-1 pot each if you have them

I potted up several dianthus...not looking good...really stressed. I'm thinking I will bring them, and also bring some fresh cuttings (labeled with names) in some water. What do you think?
I'd love any of the DL from the list you sent me. If you care to dig a couple b4 the swap, that would be fine...I remember it was nutso that day.
I have oregano with no name on it yet...might you need it?

Anyone?? I also have potted so far pale pink yarrow
choc mint
a daisy mum-possibly pink and Clara Curtis
Rose campion-

and will have various colors of iris hopefully dug and labeled. Anyone interested?
Surprise lilies?
Limelight artemesia?
Eastern Redbud?

Sue...suffering with computer and phone line woes yet.

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Sue, I will put your name on a Malva and a Choc MG.

I am so happy about those lilacs. Been thinking about them all winter....


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I will bring an azalea for you. In advance, thanks so much for the things you are bringing me!

I planted a variegated weigelia this spring and will be happy to bring you a cutting or will try to propagate one for you. Let me know.

I'd like to try Lily of the Valley if you have plenty of it, also spiderwort. Is your liriope variegated by any chance? I have a Little Henry Itea potted up for you. Do I have anything else you would like?

I also have a Little Henry for you!

I have small amounts of these (everything planted in the past year):

Ajuga 'Chocolate Chip'
Huntington Artemesia - can bring cuttings.
Mum - Sheffield (I think)
Moonflower - 2 seedlings
Dwarf Cleomes, probably Sparkler - recently started from seed
Purple Wave Petunias - recently started from seed
Rudbeckia 'Cherokee Sunset' from seed

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Forgot, I also have Angelina sedum that I can take cuttings from.

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This is what I have already dug and saved for trades:

Jen.....the toad lily
Sue....I have one tomato plant....I think it is a cherry tomato. It came up from seed from last year. Also the DL's. My friend would love the oregano or any herbs that anyone has. The dianthus is great... I will baby them and we will see what happens.
Sharon...astible, pink and white
Wishfulthinking....I would love any wave petunias.
If I have forgotten anything....Please let me know!

I have also dug some "candy lilies", have Thalia bulbs, baby blue fescue, obedience plants, snow on the mountain. I have one large pink sedum potted up and a baby from that. I will contine digging...I should have some iris, anemone, sedum. I did save the seeds from the Hellebros this year.

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Wishfulthinking: I will bring you a pot of Lily of the Valley. I will divide you some spiderwort, too. The liriope is variageted, I will bring a clump for you.

I would like a moonflower seedling, please.


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Thanks Jen! It doesn't even have to be a big clump of the liriope. I just thought it would be nice to have for sort of an exclamation point in one part of the flower bed. Plus, it usually spreads so fast I can start separating it later if need be.

Marcia, I will bring some purple waves for you.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. My husband & I finally put together the cabinet we bought 6 months ago for garage storage. Wow! There is as floor in my garage. Who knew?

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Wishfulthinking....you can have iris and daylilies from me. I am not sure if I will have the iris dug by then, but we can get them out real fast.

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Marcia, Fresh dug is always good. Thanks! Oh, can you email me your address? I don't know where to go!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)


I'd like a small start of the Ajuga 'Chocolate Chip'
and mum Sheffield (you think)...if you have them to spare.

Sue...who still has to dig and pot everything yet...Yikes!

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Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!

Haven't gotten your address or directions yet. Just updated my member page so you can just click on my email. Anyway, my email address is jane_delorenzo@yahoo.com. Going out now to get my plants together. Its really hot & humid here...but no rain for weeks. Looking forward to tomorrow! Jane

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I have been 'computer less' for a few days, but now I am back :)

Sharon, I have a butterfly bush that has come up 'volunteer' in my garden- I will bring it

Sue and Sharon, I will bring some Sedum "Dragon's Blood"

I posted on the other page that I have tons of volunteers in my garden, if anyone wants to come over Sunday afternoon and dig their own :))
I have a bunch of peony, iris, and some day lily too

see you tomorrow
Linda by the airport

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Wow, I can finally get on here and get pages to load after waiting and waiting.

The rain is supposed to hold off until sometime late Sat...a good thing.

Linda, looking forward to the Dragon's Blood. I rec some in on a trade last year, and it was 'green'.
Might there be any way you couple bring me a couple of Persian Spinning Primrose *a very cool plant!*
morning glory Grandpa Otts ...I don't care if you wrap them in wet newspaper or paper towel.
I have an appt at 3...Wild Blue is coming to install my satellite internet...WOOHOO! I sure don't want to be late getting home for that.
Is there anything I can bring you?

I have been working slowly all day digging, cutting, and potting. I hope I don't forget anything that I committed to.

Right now I have some things I'm bringing with no names assigned to them. If anyone wants them reserved, please post here, and I will put your name on them.

chocolate mint-1
unknown daisy mum-1
creeping jenny-2...beside the 2 already reserved(see above)
sedum-autumn fire-potted- (big)-2
sedum-Matrona-cuttings-stuck in pots-4
dwarf forcythis-cute little thing-1
iris-unknown type-(Jap?)-1 besides the one reserved for above
pale pink yarrow-1
wild ginger-1
and will maybe be back with other things...time and connection allowing.

Hopefully I will be able to get back on later this eve..grrrrr


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Sue, The dwarf forsythia sounds nice to me.

Jane (wishfulthinking)

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)


It is yours!

I also potted (1) Blue Stocking monarda (Bee Balm)...and it is looking for a name. Jane? Anyone?


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I have some mixed canna...yellow, red, and a very dark red.

also some elephant ear bulbs...regular green type


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