HAVE: For upcoming Louisville swap

indianaplantlover(6)May 20, 2006

Here is some of what I am going to bring to the Lou. Swap. 1 lg lemon balm, some old irises that were my grandmas sort of purple, yellow and brown mixed. 1 ladies mantle, a few named glads but lost tags, should bloom before then and will bring pictures, lots of ws babies, a few houseplants I don't have room for ( a couple big ones) some really small daylilies I am growing from seed but have way to many of some varieties. Don't know what else but can't wait to see everyone. Vicci

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I will have lots of things too- some of the cups of w/s plants are coming just 'as they are' I might bring extra cups and soil, and if 2 want some, we can divide it on the spot!- and some I am dividing -they are still small (we w/s know they are still healthy and will grow big time when planted out) wait until you see the roots of these babies :))

I have taken up little plants of volunteers already too- perilla, amaranth, etc.

I looked at everyone's want list, and have found a few -I am marking the cups with your names, so I can give them out first thing- my concern is I have lots of volunteers and can't possibly pot them all up- example: perilla- there are lots coming up at my Mom's house, but who wants it? should I do 6-8-10 of those and leave something else out?
*sometimes, I worry too much!* LOL

planning on taking up some iris as well- guess I will just put them in plastic sacks-

wonder if we need to bring tables? I can probably get a card table in my car-

really looking forward to meeting everyone!

Linda -by the airport-

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When we did this years ago we just placed the pots on the driveway....tables might be a good idea. I have two card tables I can haul upstairs and 4 T.V. tray stands. Anyone else have any other ideas?

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)


I saw in another post that you had what your mother calls a Red Hot Poker. I'm interested in it.

Might you like some iris in pink,peach, and lavender?


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snboyken(6 KY)

Where can I find the info on the swap, I am only two hours from Louisville - actually three if you consider the time change. And as of now free next Saturday.

I don't have anything to bring for trading however would love to meet fellow gardeners. I just started landscaping my yard this year so all my plants are from trade or small.

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