WANTED: Louisville Swap

flowerchildkyMay 22, 2006

the Louisville swap June 3rd-

anyone need/want:

hosta Royal Standard

Joe Pye Weed


monarda- Violet Queen or Jacob Kline

Black Eyed Susan

malva Zebrina

rudbeckia (large yellow with brown eye or green eye-they are volunteers mixed together)

rudbeckia- volunteers I think are the small yellow blooms

lamb's ear

2 sedums--*from Karen in Columbus Ohio (bakemom)*

yellow primrose (reseeds a LOT!)

touch me not (garden balsam) great for shade! mixed color volunteers

pink Mexican primrose (runs -spreads more than a LOT!)

white gooseneck loosestrife (runs!!! spreads!!) but beautiful :))

I can take up some of these, but no need if no one wants them-

I have checked the 'wants list' of the ones who posted they are attending-don't have many of those-

Winter sown plants: (some just 1 plant)

heliopsis Summer Sun



pumpkin tree

white dianthus

sunset hibiscus



some already taken up:

amaranthus- Intense Purple

Malva- Mystic Merlin

butterfly bush- Sugar Plum (I think)

rose campion

now, as I say, some of these are just one plant-

anybody want to add their wants?

could be I just might have some :))

do ya'll think I could take up peony now?

have fun!


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I'm interested in Butterfly Bush...Sugar plum (you think)
and amaranthus intense purple.

I have potted up some peachy pink iris for you.

Is there anything else of interest to you on my list?


Here is a link that might be useful: chemocurl's trade list

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Hi Sue,
you have a great list! I am SO out of room here (what a wonderful 'problem' to have)
I would like some Chocolate mint- I can keep it in a pot-I had some, and it finally quit on me :))

I have sedum Brillant for you too-
do you have/need peony "Sarah Bernhardt"?- it's the only one of my 6 that I remember the name -*giggle* think I can take some up now?

As I said before, it won't bother me one bit to give away more than I take - the wonderful gardeners here on GW have been so kind and generous, and with Trudi's wonderful winter sowing method, I have so many great plants! I just want to "pay it along" and share my bounty...

I have 2 tiny heirloom tomatoes for you too:
German Pink
Hawaiian Pineapple

will get these potted up, and marked with your name-
looking forward to the iris!

anyone else see anything they can't live without? *tee hee*

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

OH!! I will pot you up some chocolate mint today...I'm potting up a few, moving some, and then the rest gets Round-UP! It is in a garden row(?) and is taking up way too much precious veggie garden space.

OH! You have maters for me? Wonderful...I only got a few started from seed, and they are still so small. I've been trying to find 'different' ones at nurseries.


Sarah Bernhart? I have a peony and am not sure of the name...it might be Sarah. Is it later to bloom? Petals are fringed? No fragrance...but a real beauty?
Does that sound like Sarah?...Let me know please.
If they are different, I could dig into mine and bring you a start as well.

What is on your WANT list...you don't have any ideas for me on your trade page...I may be able to find some other things for you as well.


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I would love to get some of your Joe Pye weed, Monarda Violet Queen, and malva Zebrina, if you don't mind digging me some.

I don't have many plants to trade, as I am new at this. However, I do have the following potted and ready to go:

Varigated Liriope
Halls Honeysuckle
Coreopsis Tinctoria
Petunia (WS--gathered seeds from lavender wave petunia)

I also have lots of seeds if you want to check my list and see if anything strikes your fancy. Also, I can bring empty nursery pots and/or little ziplock seed bags if you need any.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)


I'm interested in Coreopsis Tinctoria. Might you like some Naked Ladies...Lycoris Squamigera-pink Surprise lilies?...
and see my list please for anything else you might like.

Let me know if you see any goodies. I'd be happy to pot up about anything on it.


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You gave me Naked Ladies last year, remember? I traded them for some dutch iris, muscari, and other stuff. Did the iris bloom for you? Mine did, and they were so cute (just finished blooming last week).

I will put your name on the coreopsis. I would love to get some iris from you. Names and colors are not important, although I am particularly fond of white and/or soft pastel colors.


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I would love some royal standard hosta, rudbeckia mix and any sedums. I am bringing lots of ws babies, some bush I thought was ladies mantle but am having some doubts, house plants and some ws tomatoes (new park razzleberry) I also have some butterfly bush babies just marked violet. If the things I am interested in are spoken for it is not problem. Looking forward to seeing everyone next week. Vicci

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Hi Everyone! I have been out most every evening, potting and dividing -making a list and checking it twice (oh, wrong holiday! LOL)

Sue- I checked my journal, yep it's "Sugar Plum" butterfly bush- the peony you describe is not Sarah Bernhardt-it's not fringed and smells wonderful! It's so BIG I have to fence it- 3 peony rings are not big enough to hold it- haha
got most of your 'wants' potted and ready-

broodyJen- got your 'wants' ready, plus a malva "Mystic Merlin"- it's the striped (like Zebrina) but darker and a taller plant- is the Hall's honeysuckle the pink one? That sounds good- also, can always use some ziploc bags-I give away tons of seeds in the fall!

Vicci- got your list- all ok- I will take up this week end and get them ready- I have a couple of others I think you might like too-

So, the "Plan" is to take up some iris and peony to share with any/all -

I will have 2 banana trees too- a coworker gave me 3, and I can't figure out where to plant them! *silly me* I put one in a big pot tonight mixed with soil and sand, so I can take it out better at the end of the season-

maybe in late summer, I can have a garden tour, and we can dig a bunch of daylillies- promised my sister some, but there should be plenty to go around-

looking forward to Saturday!
best wishes,

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Jen...if you are still wanting the passiflora, maypop...I think I have it for you.

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Got Iris?

I spent the evening taking up a bed of iris- I got 9 bags with 10 plants in each- 90 Iris- WOW, those things sure mulitply- I have some more to 'get out of my way' too-

will have to ask my son to help me take up some peony-

see you Saturday,

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Sue...we have a person coming who will take "extras" for the Farnsley ~ Moremen Landing project. So I am sure all plants will be taken. We can also post on Freecycle if there are any plants left and people will come get them....all the babies will have new homes. I am really looking forward to this....remember in my yard...walk, point and we dig.....believe it or not some of the daylilies are getting ready to open....it is early by a few weeks...but Mother Nature has been strange this year.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)


Please put my name on a bag of iris.
Would love a Sarah Bernhart (small start) if you get it dug.
and Joe Pye too, if not too much trouble.

Jen, I will prepare some iris...non whites and non soft pastels.

Does anyone want a window or two to make a small simple coldframe?

I'm wondering if there is any danger of what I might pot up and bring, not being wanted. Could that or does that ever happen?
Marcia, could I place them at your curbside with a 'FREE' sign on them? I'm in the rural, and they could wither and die if I brought them back and tried to do it here b4 someone got them.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Wonderful that I need not be concerned about them finding a home...just did not want to carry them back home, as everything is extras anyway.

I have stops planned for Lowes, Meiers, Home Depot, and whatever else I might see on my way home.

Are there any 'good' places between you and getting back on 65 North?

Looking forward to meeting everyone, and getting to walk, point, and dig too. You are one kind, brave soul.


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Linda--Unfortunately the Halls Honeysuckle is pretty much just plain ole honeysuckle. I thought it was the red/pink one when I got it--but it came in a SASE newbie package from another gardenwebber last year, so I can't complain. I may just pawn it off on my sister if nobody wants it. I would love a bag of iris, too.

Marcia--Yes, I would love some Maypop! Thanks! I am also going to bring some muffins or something. Should I bring a card table, too?


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Jen....I have the Maypop for you. I am going to set 2 card tables up....anyone can bring more if they like. Otherwise, we can just put the plants on the driveway. I am looking forward to Saturday.

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it's me again :))

anybody see the pictures I posted on here last night? Sue, one is the Sarah Bernhardt peony- my son will help me dig up a bunch tomorrow evening

I saw the list of folks attending, and I should have a 'bag o iris' for everyone- hahaha

it thundered and lightening all evening here, and I didn't stay outside much- I did repot a bunch of w/s babies- some for work, for my daughter's (and my) friend- the rest are coming to the swap with me!

Jen, don't worry one minute about the honeysuckle- It's no problem :))

I have several trumpet vines -apricot- they say they are invasive, so I don't know if anyone wants to try them or not-

Marcia, walk-point-dig sounds good to me too!


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