WANTED: Cincinnati Fall Plant Swap September 12th

jadagreen116(z6)June 24, 2004

I just wanted to let everyone the Fall Swap for Cincinnati is September 12th in the afternoon. Please set this date aside and get the word out to family and friends. The location is the same but it will be in a larger, nicer, more convenient shelter. With the help of another GW member I was able to get a nice stone shelter with a fireplace on a overlook. I will post a link with further details at a later date.

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Marisha(z6 sw OH.)

Hi Gina!
Thanks for getting this all together for us. The June swap was a lot of fun! I got a great bunch of plants for my garden!
I'm really looking forward to the fall swap and will be sure to bring some daffodil bulbs along with a lot of perennials. See you there : )
Mary B.

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Oh I really really want to go but can't commit to it just yet... gotta do some calendar checking.....
I missed out on too many swaps this past year! Don't wanna miss out on many more of them..
I will be in touch,

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Where is the swap?

Hi Mary!! :)

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Good morning Jada, Where will the swap be? Is there a link somewhere that has directions to the location?
Am gonna try and plan a weekend to go through things that I have for trading within the next two weeks....,

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gentlegardener(z6a OH)

Hi All,

I have used the search functions on GW and found no activity by Jadagreen since the end of June. My computer was out of commission for two months last year (because no one would try to fix it without my agreeing everything might be wiped out). Things happen and life interferes with our best plans, and I am not being judgemental. I am wondering if some who attended the spring event could post some info for those who did not. Does anyone know who is "another GW member" who helped Jadagreen get "a larger, nicer, more convenient shelter" as she wrote?

Am I being foolish to continue to ready plants for a local swap on Sept. 12? Are you all preparing? Is this swap posted on another forum? Those planning to attend the Hilliard swap are listing plants they are bringing and arranging side trades. I am jealous!!

Peg aka Gentlegardener

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bolecke(5 OH)

AFAIK the swap is giong to be in the same park (not sure about same shelter). Here is a link from the June swap. The direction link doesnt work anymore but you have the name and city. It's very easy to find, only a few miles from 275.

275 to 127 N (Hamilton ave)
Left on Hunter road will take you right into the park. There are maps on the park website.


contents from the heads up email:


I have decided to go with September the 12th for the Fall Swap. It will be from noon until 5pm or we'll adjourn earlier if everyone indicates that is desired. With the help of Rebbecca whom I met through GW I was able to get the Stone Shelter on the overlook at a reduced rate. Rebbecca helped me find out about this park to begin with so I am grateful to her. You will probably meet her at this next swap. I am going to change my web page to reflect the new dates. I would like to get the potluck going a little more this time. I still would steer clear of hot foods but if everyone would bring desserts or side items to complement our lunches that would be great. I interested in feedback on how we can improve the Fall Swap. Feel free to email me with your suggestions. I will be in touch.
Gina aka Jada"

That is all I have. I am still planning on making the trip from Columbus.

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gentlegardener(z6a OH)

Well, I am committed to this swap (printed the map!), so I decided to list some plants I will bring. Hope some others will do the same. We might arrange some direct trades also.
Aster lateriflorus 'Prince'
Brunnera macrophylla -- Siberian Bugloss, False Forget-Me-Not
Crambe cordifolia -- colewort
Ephedra regeliana -- Joint Fir--prehistoric and rare conifer relative forms a nearly leafless groundcover with red cones. Nice for rock gardens and troughs; part sun/part shade; hardy to z 4. (Have not seen red cones but think it looks like small leaf-less shrub in winter except it's blue-green. Not effective as a groundcover to my thinking--too much bare space under it.)
Hemerocallis: I have double fans of these daylilies for trade (bloomed 2004):
--H. 'Chicago Gold Coast' -- (Marsh) 24" MRe 6" Deep Gold Self Sev Tet
--H. 'Catawba River' -- (C. Blakely) 26" M 8" Carmel over light gold Dor Dip
Humulus lupulus -- hop vine
Lychnis x arkwrightii 'Vesuvius' -- Maltese Cross
Nepeta 'Six Hills Giant' -- catmint
Rodgersia aesculifolia -- 36-40", moist, rich soil; part sun or shade
Verbena bonariensis -- butterflies love--tender perennial here but self seeds; with each plant can give seeds collected this year ("insurance" in case of a bad winter)

Hope to up-date this later with size and number of each plant and will add more plants as I pot them.

Peg aka gentlegardener

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lotter(z5/6 swOH)

I missed the spring swap and have been really looking forward to the Fall swap. This will be my first and I would like to know if there are any etiquette rules I should be aware of. I have more plants that need dividing than I will be able to get to this fall. If anyone is interested in a particular plant, please let me know and I will be sure to bring it.

Waiting to be divided:
peony - white
black-eyed susan (as always)
verbena bonariensis (with seeds)
coral bells
lavender - munstead
Phlox, tall garden - magenta
bearded iris - mixed colors

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gentlegardener(z6a OH)

Hi all,

What about seeds? Anyone bringing some? I looked at some exchange lists of those who have sent a post to this thread and found some seeds I want and some wanted that I have. My seed list is growing daily as I collect and dry them--have to add them to my list now and will post it here. I might be sending some emails to you all. Please do not delete mail from pegmws@... etc.

See you in two weeks,

Peg aka gentlegardener

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lotter(z5/6 swOH)

I haven't started harvesting seeds yet, but I can bring whatever I have and a list of what's yet to come. I'll also bring a list of what I don't get divided before the swap. I am running out of room and I hate to pitch plants. I would rather give them away.

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gentlegardener(z6a OH)

Hi all,

More plants ready to trade at the swap are listed here:

Clematis Sweet Autumn (2-3' or larger & bloomimg now; probably will cut back some as I dig & pot them)
Physotegia virginia -- Obedient Plant--pinky-purple (vigorous grower)
Sedum 'Coral Reef Chinese Sedum'
Sempervivum 'Twilight Blues' (hen & chicks)
Vinca minor 'Illumination' (hardy to -30)
Viola mandschurica

If anyone wants to pre-arrange a trade for something on my lists, please let me know. I have more than one of most and more than a few of some, but want to know there is an interest before digging them all.


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bolecke(5 OH)

I went browsing and these are the ones that caught my eye.

Hosta 'Hoosier Harmony'
Sedum 'Blue Spruce'
Sedum teractinum--'Coral Reef Chinese Sedum'-

Lotter, these plants caught my eye from your list:

Peonies - white
Geranium/Cranesbill - deep pink
Bearded Iris - mixed colors
lavender - munstead

This is what I plan on bringing
Leucanthemum (unknown)
Achillea-Mixed Pastels
Echinacea-White Swan

Hemerocallis-Kwanzo, I have many more unnamed, but probably wont bother digging them, unless there is interest, I have pictures of each of the differnt ones.

Rose of sharon-white with red centers, taken from cuttings
Sedum-Autum Joy, Voodoo, Dragon's Blood, cuttings
Berginia cordiflora
Hydrangea: climbing white , and a pink one, cuttings
Hosta-assorted unnamed
Chives-white flower, invasive self seeder
Mums-Becky, cuttings from the spring, flowering now
Vinca Minor
Pachysandra-rooted cuttings
Achillea-mixed pastels
Rose-Faery, pink shrub

All cuttings are well rooted and happy. I have some Liliums too, but they are all mixed now, many didnt make it through the year, but if there is some interest I can take some time to get some of my named varieties together.

Plants that I have but won't bother bringing unless there is interest:

Russian sage
Coreopsis-rosa..the little pink one
Lilium, various named and mixed, various sizes
Echinacea-White Swan, Magnus
Armeria-pink flower
Heuchra-coral bells, green foliage and hot pink flowers
Rudbeckia-Goldsturm, Marmelade

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bolecke(5 OH)


I have bad news a personal conflict has come up for me and I will not be able to lead the swap. If anyone else would like to come forward to lead the swap please let me know and I will put you in contact with the person who took care of the shelter rental. I would still like to hold one in the Spring time led by myself or whom ever volunteers. Please contact me asap if you would like to volunteer. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause anyone.

my response:

"If no one from the Cincinnati area volunteers then I'll do it.

Steve aka Bolecke"

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gentlegardener(z6a OH)


If you do it, I'll help you in any way I can.

Glad you found some of my plants interesting, and I am interested in some of yours as well--the Hydrangea cuttings: climbing white, and maybe the pink one. What leaf shape and what flower shape does the pink one have?

One problem though: deer munched both my Hosta 'Hoosier Harmony' and they have no leaves--just stems! Which daylilies caught your eye? I will list some additional Hemerocallis soon.

Can you name some of the Lillium for us?


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lotter(z5/6 swOH)

I just checked all the trade lists of folks who posted here about the fall swap. I forget who had what, but here is what I am interested in: Love in a Mist- blue, porcelain vine, glads, chocolate mint, clematis -sweet autumn, lychnis, liatris, columbine, asclepias, dragonhead, campanula.
Here's what I will bring:
cerasto...something plumbago, phlox-david, zebrina sylvestris, drumstick alliums (if I can find them), mixed bearded iris, white peonies, cranesbill pink, lavender munstead.
I will make these a definite and if I have time, I'll gather a few others.
I've just started gathering seeds, but I'll bring a list of what I will be harvesting. Trading is great, but I am just happy to find good homes for my plants.

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gentlegardener(z6a OH)

Good to see some other things to tempt me, lotter. Hope you can find those drumstick alliums. I am definitely interested in them. If you will share tips for growing the blue plumbago, I would like to try it again.

Less than a week until we get together!


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bolecke(5 OH)


Any of the Hemerocallis would work as I don't have any of them. No leaves on the hosta, no problem, they will be there next year.

Some of my liliums, unforunately they are all mixed up, but at least you will know what they might be. The pink hydrangea is perhaps 'All summer's beauty' not sure though. The flowers were pink and globular. The cutting were taken from a 1 time pruning job.

# 'Barcelona'
# 'Blazing Sun'
# 'Coral Sunset'
# 'Menton'
# 'Stones'
# 'Kiss Me Kate'
# 'Royal Fantasy'
# 'Royal Sunset'
# 'Lemon Pixie'

I emailed jada again and asked her for the info that I would need. I let her know that I would go ahead and lead the show. I will post when I receive a reply.

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lotter(z5/6 swOH)

Thanks for taking charge Bolecke. Is this still a pack your own lunch and bring a dish to share? Any info about the park and shelter would help.

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bolecke(5 OH)

I know for sure it is at Harbin Park in Fairfield. There is a link up in one of my 1st posts. I would pack your own lunch and maybe bring a desert or side item to share. Check out the link to jadagreen's site. All the info from the !!**JUNE 12**!! swap is there. Jada is going to email me tonight with the info that I need (shelter info ect).

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bolecke(5 OH)

Still waiting on the info, will post when I receive it.


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lotter(z5/6 swOH)

I couldn't find the link you referred to, but I have directions to the park. If I recall correctly, we are to meet at noon.

WIlliam Harbin Park is on Hunter Rd. in Fairfield, off US 127. From I-275, take US 127 (Hamilton Ave.) NORTH to Hunter Rd. Turn Left on Hunter Rd. which appears to dead end at the park. Somewhere along the way, Hamilton Ave. becomes Pleasant Ave.

Do you have any idea how many are coming? I am really looking forward to meeting you all.

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gentlegardener(z6a OH)

Hi All,

Two days until we gather and I am excited. I hope anyone reading this will feel free to drop by even if you do not have many plants or seeds, and I guarantee you will go home with some new garden growers. Some door prizes including a "grand prize" and some little give-aways should add to the fun.

I am packing a sandwich & a drink and bringing a dessert and a salad to share.

Would everyone who plans to come to the swap please try to answer this question:

What would you REALLY like to take home from the swap?

I say try because I have not decided what to post for myself yet!

Peg aka gentlegardener

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bolecke(5 OH)


This is the link to harbin park home page.

I did get a response from Jada but no useful info yet. Last June there were only a few GW folks there. The majority were locals that had heard from word of mouth.

I am looking for shade perrinials, Ligularia, ferns, astilbe, Pulmonaria, heuchra (some sun/shade too)

I will keep everyone posted


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bolecke(5 OH)

Another reply from Jada, and I still don't know the specific shelter.


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gentlegardener(z6a OH)

I went to Harbin Park today as I have never been there. The business on the corner where you turn onto Hunter Road is very approriately a nursery or garden store--Lakeview something. Jada wrote the location was the stone shelter on the overlook . It was easy to find from the sign with arrows at the first fork on the entrance road (just bare to the right). Tables near the shelter and under shade trees could be the place we meet if there is a problem with the shelter reservation.


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Sora(z6 OH)

I don't post much but I did make it to the June swap; it was great fun and I was delighted with the variety of plants I brought home.

This year past has been my first season here so I don't have much to trade yet, but I will definitely come and bring what I can. I hope to have more interesting trades next year, and I would like to see the swap continue and grow.

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gentlegardener(z6a OH)

Alert to everyone: Do NOT "bare to the right" as I wrote or you will be nude--nekked as my grandchildren say!! Maybe only your right side would be exposed. Of course, you knew I might bear to the right. It is not a real turn--just a little bit of one--you get the idea--good. See you tomorrow.


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bolecke(5 OH)


Aim for the overlook and hopefully people will be there.

Harbin park at noon. I I'll see you there.


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