Sad Daffodils

pixie_louApril 19, 2014

These Mt Hood daffodils do not seem to be very happy in their current location. This is the 3rd year in a row where I've gotten minimal blooms. It has only been 2 or 3 blooms per year. I planted at least 6 bulbs in that hole.

I'm definitely planning on digging up these bulbs. Is it worth trying to plant them somewhere else? Where they could possibly be a bit happier? Or is there such a thing as sterile daffodil bulbs? In which case I should just toss them?

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The photo is upside-down - makes it kind of hard to see what's going on. Looks like they're planted very close to a wall or maybe even in a corner where a porch and house wall meet. That could mean not enough water, and not enough sun. They also seem to be quite crowded - I don't remember offhand what the spacing is for daffs, but they DO need that space if they're going to bloom well.

I'd dig them up when the foliage starts to fade, and, if the bulbs don't seem to be TOO tiny, I'd plant them in a better location - full sun, good soil, and plenty of room. I've had small, under-performing daffodil bulbs come back nicely with that treatment.

Of course it's a personal matter, how you value the bulbs vs your time and space - so some people will recommend that you toss them, and buy new ones.

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spedigrees z4VT

I had the same situation with crocus bulbs that I bought last fall and planted in pots in a sunny window... no blooms. I have no idea what their problem was. Since planting them outdoors is not an option, given the vole population, I tossed them.

This is easier to see.

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claireplymouth z6b coastal MA

I agree with DtD - they're probably too crowded. I was given a pot with crocus bulbs, presumably forced, for Christmas in 2012. They never bloomed that winter. I potted them in a bigger pot with good soil and then planted them outside when it got warm enough in spring 2013 and forgot about them. This spring they bloomed. It took me a few minutes to figure out where the surprise crocuses came from.

RE upside down or sideways photos: Someone on this forum (nhbabs? mad_gallica? spedigrees?) recently posted that you can right the photo by clicking on it - it opens in the proper orientation in a new window.


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spedigrees z4VT

It must depend on your software or operating system. If I click on a photo, it opens in a new window, but as is; it does not rotate for me. I have to copy and paste it into PSP then rotate it.

Perhaps overcrowding was the problem with my crocus bulbs and Pixie's daffodils. I may give the crocuses another try next winter, less of them and in a bigger pot. Thanks for the suggestion, Claire!

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Persimmons(6b Southern Mass)

This question will apply to this topic:

As for the random daffodil and crocus bulbs that the squirrels seem to have moved over the winter time, when is the best time to dig and replant them?

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@Persimmons - After the foliage is fully brown is the ideal time to move bulbs, as far as I know. I tend to forget all about them by that point, though, so I move them as soon as the foliage starts to fade.

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They are in a corner of the front garden - between the foundation and stairs. I like my bulbs in the back of the garden since the sprouting summer perennials hide the dieing browning spring bulb foliage. I had wondered about a sun and water issue, but the hyacinths right in front of them are very happy.

I'll dig them up and move them down by the pond. And hopefully I'll get flowers next year. I just hate to go thru the effort if the things will never bloom.

Persimmons - dtd is right, the optimal time is once the foliage has died back. But I usually move mine as soon as they are done flowering when it is fresh in my mind. By the time the foliage has died back I've forgotten that I want to move the bulbs! (I've even been known to move bulbs in full bloom - like when you get the random red tulip blooming in your white garden!)

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