Happy New Year, Ohio Valley!

alison(6b/OH)January 2, 2007

I hope we all have a blessed, bounteous year, with no blackspot or bacterium wilt!

Do you have any resolutions/big plans for your garden this year?

I have resolved to be better about pruning, weeding and deadheading -- three of my least favorite garden activites. (I got into this game to grow things!)

I have resolved to do more with compost. Make more, use more -- capture that garden gold for my plants.

I have resolved to have (more of) a plan for my garden, so it looks more like a serene coordinated space -- not the result of an end-of-season sale at Lowes!

I have resolved to stay on top of spraying the roses for blackspot this season. No more gorgeous Othello blooms on six feet of naked cane!

I have resolved to finally make a really nice breakfast-and-newspaper spot in my open, exposed urban backyard. I have a rescued chair, an expensive table, and the makings of a water feature. I will get them all installed in such a way that they will create a harmonious whole -- and not get stolen two days later!

I have resolved to do more with the public space at my disposal.

And I have plans to sneak out and take a whole lot of dormant rose cuttings -- as soon as we get cold enough for them to be dormant!

What are you planning for your gardening life this year?

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gdionelli(z6 WV)

I'm planning even more wintersowing this year (I'd better, with all the seeds I have!)

I'm planning to cut down on post-gardening snacks (ever notice how hungry weeding makes you?)

And, like you, I'm planning more compost and staying on top of blackspot spraying.

I gave up long ago on the "serene coordinated space" - I decided I liked that riot of color!

Happy New Year to you!

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kydaylilylady(z6 KY)

Ah,,,What I resolve to get done this year....

1. Plant the 40 asparagus and 12 rhubarb that I ordered the other day.
2. Get the post and wire strung for the new blackberry plantings I made last year. 200 ft. should do the trick.
3. Put down mulch between the daylily blocks in at least three of the field sections. Hopefully that will cut down on some of the mowing between the rows.
4. Keep the weeds out of the flower beds down by the road. (that's one of the biggies.)
5. Don't plant more garden than I can pick, sell and/or can.
6. Don't buy more seed than I can possibly plant, Yeah Right!

Now, let's see what I can actually get done.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Get everything out of the veggie garden so my neighbor can till it more easily with his tractor and tiller.

The things I put in there temporarily, have been in there entirely too many years.

There are Spireas, Rose of Sharon, Boxwoods, butterfly bush, daylilies, iris, 4 roses, several different clematis, tall garden phlox, mums, chocolate mint (HUGE), oregano (HUGE), daffodils, Yellow Lilac suckers, monarda,...and probably more. What was I thinking?

The problem is that I need to prep places to go with all this stuff, and it is all so mature, that it will need divided and shared some way as I can't move the huge clumps.
Hopefully I can get to some of it b4 the Spring Swap, and can get a lot of it shared easily that way.


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storygardener(5/6 central oh)

Happy New Year Alison!

This year:

I wil cut more bouquets to enjoy in my house.

Plant fewer small pots of flowers. It will be easier to keep up with the watering that way.

Conquer (as best I can) the weeds left over from last year when I couldn't garden much.

Water less...I learned last year..that the garden can do with alot less water than I thought.

Enjoy the garden...without always thinking of what needs to be done. (That will be a hard task)

Good question, Alison.

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i resolve to eliminate at least 20 square feet of grass with a new bed of flowers. to actually plant something that blooms in my back yard and to start a full renovation of my front flower beds so they look unified-- new front steps and edging, new gravel walk and stepping stones, lift & divide plants along the front walk and even plant some annuals for picking!!! the steps and edging are most critical, but eliminating grass is always a good thing

Happy New year

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tjsangel(z5 OH)

Happy new year everyone! My first gardening resolution is to leave all my current plantings where they are. I keep moving everything everywhere (due to my impatience) I need to stop! Second I want to expand 3 of my flower beds about 3 feet out. Lots of new space to plant in (and less to mow) I want to add a few dwarf pines and junipers up front for winter interest. Get a large truckload of soil and build up the back of the backyard so I can plant there. And buy lots more bulbs-you can squeeze them in anywhere! Oh-and stop to smell the roses and enjoy all my hard work. Cant forget that part.


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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

Great Thread! I resolve to continue to remove the invasives I no longer have time to coddle. I also resolve to deal with my powdery mildew issue to the extent I can. I'm so sick of that.

Doesn't sound like much, but I will be quite busy with just those two items.

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