Boy, do I feel silly!

chateauclubcrestJanuary 5, 2007

I took a walk through my yard today as I have been monitoring the *much* sooner than expected arrival of my 'Rinjvelds's Early Sensation'. One of them will open tomorrow. Oh my! The scary thing is that I planted a large number of them around a tree last year but ran out. So I planted some more this year. The ones that have already spent a year in the ground are all coming through, but there's no sign of the ones I recently planted , so I guess they won't all be blooming at once this year.

But what has me feeling silly is that after a decade of mostly small yard gardening, I just assumed that "Sweet potato vine" was just another cute name. Oddly enough, I had a hard time finding the bright chartreuse ones this year, so I took a few cuttings to overwinter.

Then I read the entire thread "Sweet Potato Vine."

Now, it had never occured to me that this pretty foilage in my large containers might actually be a real sweet potato. After reading the "Sweet Potato Vine" thread, I decided to get out my trowel, and low and behold, where there had once been lovely trailing foilage was a tater! A big one, too!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I know I am still learning a good bit though I am a fairly seasoned gardener, so old dogs can still learn new tricks.

I too (just this year) became aware of the sweet potato vine having a tuber that can be saved and replanted the next season. This was my first year to even grow one.

Since you have a 'big one' I'm wondering if it might have multiple 'eyes', and if you could cut it up (as seed potatoes are), in the late winter/early spring, and start several plants from the one tater/tuber.

You just reminded me that I still need to rescue the one Sweet Potato tuber I grew last season. It was the lovely chartreuse one.


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gdionelli(z6 WV)

The first year I had Rijnveld's Early Sensation I was most unimpressed - they bloomed only a couple of days earlier than my King Alfreds. But ever since they've been quite early, and both my neighbor and I have buds about to bloom (although now it's turning cold.)

I like the tater story - I never thought about it either.

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blackswamp_girl(6a NEOhio)

Does anyone know how they taste? I know, there's probably someting wrong with me, but I couldn't help but wonder about the flavor as I read these posts!

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im new to this site. However I believe I read somewhere that the decorative vines, are un edible. andy

PS I dug mine up at the end of the summer and was surprise to find a tuber also.

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blackswamp_girl(6a NEOhio)

Thanks for the answer, Andy! That would make sense... at least that they would have sacrificed taste for the prettiness of the leaf...

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