Need to know-Am I crazy !!??

fourpaws2002(z6OH)January 29, 2005

or just stupid.

a couple days ago we had a beautiful day(for mid winter)

sun shinning, temps upper 30's low 40's and I decided it was a good day to put some plants in the greenhouse-filled it full with tropicals that wouldn't stay dormat, seedlings that needed more light-I filled it full. The day time temp was running 74-76 with a little venting, BUT, I waited too long to turn the heat back on and by the time I got to it, it had fallen to 52f, I turned the heater on high checked it an hour later only 54f, check it again at 8:00 pm no change-outside temps dropping, wind blowing wind chill below zero-I"M Freaking-heater on full blast & not gaining any ground, so with flashlight in hand,Tarps and blankets, I go out and cover my babies up, as if tucking them in for the night so that they'll be warm-I'm sure my neighbor thinks I'm the crazy flower lady(who cares).

well 11:00 bedtime check-60f-I can live with that even if it drops a few degress in the wee hours of the morning.

8:30 a.m., I un tuck them-temp 56f-Whew!! we're ok- didn't turn that heater down for 36 hours

So, what's the verdict??? seriously crazy(stupid) gardener or would you have done the same to makes sure none were lost- I gotta know-have I taken this too far???

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i think it time for invest in an electric blanket so you don't have to go out in the middle of a snow storm to check
on your flowers. we all have cabin fever and doing crazy things. love it that you are so caring over your plants and i know that they will appreciate it. called TLC lol

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

Have you checked out winter sowing? It just might be the scratch for your inch. I have 102 containers out back right now in the snow and am in the middle of sowing more. If you would like, join us over on the winter sowing forum and read the FAQs. There are a lot of Ohioans over there and we're having a mid-winter seed fest.

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AAHH besides the little green house, I have an L section of "cold frame" made of landscape timbers and old windows on my back patio, my version of winter sowing, currently has about 10 flats, only about 1/3-1/2 full,not to mention those still under grow lights, so now-
Crazy!!!- LOL
i really just love to garden, next I'll be starting annuals-so they're blooming by mother's day and my cold season crops( spinach, cabbage, ect)
Now you know all you Mid Ohio swap attenders will be reaping the benifits of my Lunicy, provided I don't have anymore close calls-haha

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Marisha(z6 sw OH.)

Hey fourpaws, you're not crazy. I've done almost the very same thing. I don't live too far from you so I know the kind of weather you're getting, I'm getting it too. I put up a second layer of plastic in my greenhouse during that warm spell and it's made a huge difference, but when it gets REALLY cold I keep the little electric heater running and cover the Brugs up. I guess that doesn't prove you're not crazy, maybe it proves we both are!! LOL

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