Wascawry wabbits!

michigoose(Z5OH)January 20, 2006

I am heart broken! I went out and not only did rabbits eat the crowns off my Amelanchier arbutifolia and my styrax japonica, but they nipped the bark (and I'm praying it isn't completely girdled) on my chionanthus virginicus and the red buckeye. The viburnums and the japanese maples are now pruned. As in short. As in all of the viburnums...all of this is in open area behind the fence. So far, I don't see any damage inside the fence. Dagnabit, but they even took the lower branches off the lilacs!

I spent some time painting cuts, and wrapping chickenwire around the trunks. If I had known it was going to be like this, I would have done it earlier. I'm hoping the Am. Kestrel and the Red Tailed hawks which I have seen sitting on my fence will have a hosenfeffer dinner....dang it all!

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mrsgeekboy(z6 SWOH)

Oh no! I'm so sorry, michigoose (have I ever mentioned I love your name?).

Our neighborhood is built up enough that it's pretty rare to see rabbits, except the little stinker inside our house. When I hear the trouble they make, I have very glad of it! I know if our bunny was a "wild" bunny, he'd be the terror of the cul de sac.

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storygardener(5/6 central oh)

I understand, Michigoose, & I know what you mean. We have "urban commando bunnies" in our neighborhood. I swear they come in marching 2 by 2. They eat my heuchera, kerria, hydrangea and sharpen their teeth on my younger trees.

One year I put Ropel on things (test first)..it's not a poison. It's very, very bitter and will keep them from going back.

Good luck.

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mamimo(Sunset 16)

Oh no, I am so sorry to hear about those &%##@@ dang rabbits. Hope your plants survive the attack. Will rabbit stew for dinner cheer you up?

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I would love some rabbit stew..or fried rabbit...or....

I used ropel on my bulbs...I never thought about the other. I'll spray some tomorrow. I gave up using gloves and can attest that Ropel is very very bitter. Unfortunately, it can be absorbed through your skin....Ick!

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Aren't they just a PITA, I noticed today they chewed off what little bit of a tip on a hosta-that floors me! and have taken down a couple small shrubs, they leave the evidence behind-so there's no mistaking who did it-LOL. I've even noticed areas in the mulch where something has dug-not really deep so I don't know if it's wabbit or squirrel-either way it looks like it's already time to get out the screening-all this work, for the LOVE OF A GARDEN!

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