Livingston seeds

Photobug(Z6 Central Ohio)February 29, 2004

Does anyone in the Columbus area know who still sells Livingston seeds? You would think since they are based in Columbus, they would be easier to find.

They are wonderful: great price, huge packets, great success rate. Franks used to sell them, but no more.


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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

Livingston seeds sells Livingston seeds! Ha. They're on Kinnear just west of Ohio State and Lennox Center. I can give you specific directions if you want. I was just over there the other day.

Seems like the local garden centers sell them too. Try Plantland on Bethel where they are 33% off. I bought some more there today - the seeds of distinction series.

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Oakland Nurseries carries Livingston Seeds. I think Boulevard on Olentangy does, too. But I haven't seen them in any of the big stores.

I've only been to the Kinnear store a couple of times, but I recommend it to anyone interested in a local (well, revived) business. I buy from them because of the Columbus connection!

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The history of Livingston!

Here is a link that might be useful: Livingston Seed Company history

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ellenp(z5 OH)

For anyone not in Columbus, I live in the Dayton area and my Handyman (Ace Hardware) store carries them. I tried them first time last year and they did great.

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

Thanks for the info Alison - how interesting! The web page says they're wholesale only, but they do have a retail section in their front offices. They were a little suprised to see me there in February and didn't know what I meant by winter sowing.

I like those bonus packs with the clear window. All seeds at the Kinnear location are discounted as well.

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Give me directions I will be in Columbus in a week or two.

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Take 71 to Columbus. (It merges with 70 as you get into downtown.)
Take SR 315 north. Get off on the Lane Avenue exit. (Also the exit for OSU; try not to come on a game day!)
Turn left onto Lane, under the overpass and up to the light.
Turn left onto Kenny Road, go about half a mile along the playing fields.
Turn left onto Kinnear Road and you're right there. It's set back a bit from the road, but there's a sign right on the street.

Hope you like it!

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Photobug(Z6 Central Ohio)

Wow! Thanks everyone for the info. I had went to their website but it said they only sold wholesale. I can't wait to go to their store.


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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

It's just a small room next to the offices. But it's still fun to go to the REAL thing and they do give you a discount.

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Bonnie_Iris(z7 MD)

Thank you all for posting this info! I can't wait to visit Livingston Seeds as soon as I get a chance to travel to Ohio.

I have just been fascinated to discover the story of A.W. Livingston and his tomato breeding. As a seed saver, tomato gardener and genealogist, I was amazed to discover that he was a distant cousin of mine . . . he was a second cousin, and his wife a first cousin, of my great-great-grandmother - their families were early settlers in Reynoldsburg, OH.

I see that Victory Seeds is selling a large number of his tomato varieties which they have gone to great lengths to rescue from obscurity. Does anyone know whether today's Livingston Seeds sells any of his original varieties? Their website doesn't say, which doesn't seem very hopeful...

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

Email them if you can. I was over there a few weeks ago and told them about winter sowing and It's my understanding that they have an employee there who does visit Garden Web.

The seeds I bought there are doing beautifully.

Such interesting info Bonnie!

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deepika(z5 MA)

Are these seeds available in MA?

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I am reading a book called "Livingston and the Tomato". Fascinating. Bonnie, if you haven't read it, go for it. It is a reprint of a book Livingston wrote in the 1890's. Even has recipes for tomatoes, some of them pretty wild.

When he was a child, tomatoes were still considered poisonous and did not look or taste at all like they do now.

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mikeinor(z8 OR)

If you check out the history of the Livingston Seed Company on the link that someone else provided in this thread, you will note that the name of the company was sold years back and the current company is a jobber and wholesaler. They basically buy seeds on the open market in bulk, package and resell. This is common and how most garden seed companies operate - especially the ones that you see in hardware stores, garden centers, and home warehouse-type stores. The old A.W. Livingston and Sons seed company is long dead. The current Livingston Seed Company does not have breeding or production program in place. Hope this helps.

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I think most of us in Columbus knew that.
It's a pretty interesting story about how seed companies grew, florished and -- got consolidated.

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Well...I am 7 years too late...but You can also find Livingston Seeds at Fleet farm....I found them just today...they look fresh and open pollinated I am hoping...This particular Fleet Farm is located in Oakdale...a suburb of St. Paul, look for any "Fleet Farm" store near you.. and they are bound to have Livingston Seeds for you..This is my first try with them...I hope they fare well...I only want to use open-pollinated seeds...

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So is the modern Livingston seed company a decent company from which to buy seeds?

Jessejr (if you see this), how'd the last three years with Livingston Seeds from Fleet Farm go? I'm considering picking some up from my local Fleet Farm.

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