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ihoot(6)February 15, 2010

I recently relocated to Cincinnati from Alabama and would like to know what sorts of things I can start planting for the spring and when is a good time to start. I don't have a yard, so I am limited to a container garden, but have a very well lit patio.

Any suggestions?

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Mickie Marquis(6 SW Ohio)

Welcome to Ohio! I don't do much outside until mid-May. I start some seeds for tomatos and peppers after Valentine's Day. Some of the cold season plants like peas can be planted outside about the middle of April. Does that help? It might help to join a garden club for a few years to get the 'hang' of it. I live in Lebanon, so very close to you!


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What sort of plants are you thinking of? Flowers, fruits, veggies, perennials?

Cincinnati has a little longer growing season than here but I think pretty much the same plants do well. All the traditional annuals can be grown.
As for starting seeds now--probably ask in the winter sowing forum. I have sown seeds like zinnia, cosmos, poppy, bachelors buttons in early March using that technique with good success.

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i was mostly thinking annuals because i don't really have anywhere to keep plants indoors when it gets cold (i have a dog that enjoys eating plants). some that i have narrowed it down to are alyssum, fan flower, vergena, and some sort of snapdragon. i would like to attempt a flowering onion, but hear they are difficult to grow and it seems as though it may be too late in the season to start it from bulb.

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Well, all of those plants will do well in our climate; except I know nothing about flowering onions.

I've had great success with geraniums (both kinds), sweet potato vine, mandevilla, victoria blue salvia, hibiscus, callas, creeping jenny, amaryllis, chinese maple and more in pots on the patio.

I don't start any of those from seed myself, maybe others have experience with starting the more annuals from seed about now.

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