anyone in Butler County, ohio?

danaoh(SWOhio zone 6)February 9, 2006

I live in Middletown, work in Hamilton - anyone in the immediate area? want to be able to tell my friends that I am not the only crazy one around here putting out milk jugs for wsing.

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lmariesteve(z5 OH)

I live in Warren County right near Middletown. I haven't started my wintersowing yet. I have been waiting for it to get colder. Won't have time to get started until next weekend. Hope it won't be too late. I had gone over to Berns and bought 6 big bags of the miracle grow soil and have been saving milk and water gal jugs.They are stacked up in my garage waiting. Got a really nice variety of seeds from the Wintersowing organization for free.
I love Berns- can't get out of there without comming home with more than I intended to buy! :)

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danaoh(SWOhio zone 6)

so glad to hear from you - I love Berns, too, but don't you think they are expensive? how much was your mg?

I have 78 jugs of perennials out - didn't even think to check if they were ok for wsing - all of mine are from the kind folks at wsing too. I had nothing to trade this year (newbie) hope I keep track of what is what so I can trade next time,

waiting for mid march to do annuals - on lookout for seeds - saw where some walgreens had 10 for $1 - none of mine here had any - it isn't as though I don't have enough - think I will count my annuals this weekend-

how long have you been crazy?

Dana Sennet
Middletown, Ohio

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I live in Clermont County but my daughter lives in Butler.

Gardeners are always classified as crazy, I dont winter sow, but I have 2 6X6 spring house greenhouses and I have started seed already mostly the pennenials.

Most people that don't garden just don't understand the obessions that we will develop just in order to see some blooms LOL.

I actually dug up a small hosta of mine the first of January potted it and brought it into the house so I could see a hosta. Sure did break the winter blah's. It is so pretty in the window.


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mike_g_(Zone 5b OH)

I live in Middletown and iris are my passion.

Mike G

Here is a link that might be useful: My Iris Web Page

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lmariesteve(z5 OH)

Hi Dana- sorry it has taken me so long to answer you. I've been working long hours at the florist for Valentines day. Very, very busy and boy, am I tired! Glad to have it over with. To answer your question; I have been going with zone 5 to be on the safe side. We are pretty close to the border here. Many plants that I grew in the Md. suburbs of Wash. D.C. will not grow here for me. I really miss having the Crepe myrtles. Azaleas don't do as well for me here either. The dogwoods are not as beautiful here as they are back east. Berns is kind of expensive but they do have good quality plants- kinda reminds of the nursery I used to buy my plants at back east. I can't remember what I paid for the soil; I'm sure I could have found it cheaper somewhere else, but with my schedule ( work 2 jobs) I don't have time to run around looking for it especially since I waited so late. Now that Valentines day is over :) I am going to try to get started this weekend. This has been some crazy weather around here- hasn't it? Linda

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kowalleka(z6 OH)

I am just west of Millville and am up to 65 ws'ing containers. This is my second year of ws'ing and I love it.

My passion is iris, but I also "collect" sedum, echinacea and daylilies.

Although Berns has gorgeous plants, they are way too expensive for me. I have found several other local places that have just as good of plants but at much lower prices. That way I can buy twice as much!


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I live in Mason (Warren County). We have a Master Gardener group in our county now. We're going to start maintaining the native American garden at Fort Ancient for our main project. Hasn't the weather in our area been strange this year? My bulbs have started coming up and now it's freezing cold; yesterday it was warm and raining. Anyone found any good garden buys in the area? Hobby Lobby has their garden ornaments 1/2 price this week.

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Guess I'm late to the party... but better late than never, right? I live in Hamilton near Oxford. This is my first year gardening in Ohio (I'm from Florida), so I'm sure to be asking all kinds of weird questions. Like, what's all this clay under my grass???

I'm also trying WS for the first time; have put about 12 containers out in the last two days. Keeping my fingers crossed about the 70 degree days we're supposed to get at the end of the week!

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Hello I live in Dayton Ohio. I have grown flowers for years from seed. But under lights. Now I have gotten heirloom tomatoes as my obession. Any body else close that has tomatoes sprouting?

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Lykaon - Ohio Zone 6a

Hello danaoh,

I'm just south of you in Monroe, technically my postal address is Middletown.

No winter sowing here but I did catch the hosta bug last year.

I love Berns, there landscaping crew did some great work in our backyard. But their retail pricing is on the high end. Any other good nurseries in the area that fellow locals can recommend? I'm newer to Southern-Ohio.

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vyrian(z6, OH 45069)

I put 2 ws milkjugs out, too, but they blew away last night! The other ws containers have stayed put though. Tomato seedlings have sprouted (6 heirloom varieties, 6 Sweet100s). Oh, btw I live in West Chester but work in Dayton.

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HI, New to the forum. I live north of Hamilton. I love Greenfield Plant Farm.It is in Mainville but I think its worth it. berns is to darn expensive.

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I'm new to this forum and have only been serious about gardening the last three years..since I retired. I live in Springboro but lived and worked most of my life in Middletown. I'll have to check out that Greenfield Plant Farm. I'm putting in a new pond and will need a lot of new plants to go around it.

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hi there, isn't retirement's a nice ride to greenfield plant farm. good prices and beautiful plants. i hope to go next week. we are doing a small still pond this year. hope it turns out well. happy gardening

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I live in Fairfield And I save The Aluminum trays with the clear lids.

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ldeardorff50(z6 OH)

I live in South Lebanon(Warren County),My daughter lives in Middletown.I have about 15 ws jugs out try tying them together so they don't blow away.Lynn

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Freckles_OH(6b OH)

I live north of Hamilton, still in Butler Co., but close to Preble. I've never heard of Greenfield Plant farm. I might have to check that out this year.
My winter sowing is late this year. The weather was so warm at the beginning of Jan., I put if off until last week. So far, I only have 15 containers done, but more to follow.

I love Bern's, and yes, they are expensive, but I have gotten some very good bargains on their sale tables though.

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ohiorganic(5/6 SW Ohio)

I grew up in Oxford and still do a farmers market there in the Uptown twice a week.

Now I live a mile north of Eaton on US 127 at the top of the hill (I am willing to bet many of you BCians have driven past my farm on your way up to Greenville or I-70

I too love irises but do not have nearly enough in my life. I also like day lilies a lot and grow about 100 different veggies that I sell at farmers markets and my farm store here at the farm.

Anyone ever go to Top O' the Hill day lilie farm? I haven't though I have bought their lilies before when they have sold at the farmers market (I simply don't have time between March and November to go to such places)

Here is a link that might be useful: The Boulder belt farm Blog

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kowalleka(z6 OH)

I go to Top O' the Hill a couple times every summer and always end up finding something to come home with. I have about 50 different daylily varieities and 120 different iris. And always looking for more!

Greenfield is by far the best place to buy plants around here. I go there several times a year. Also go to Adopt-A-Plant a lot. Their prices are super low but they don't have as big of variety as Greenfield.

I am in west Hamilton, just south of Oxford.

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backyardponder(z6, OH)

Hi there,

I just found this forum. I'm West Chester, Butler County.
I haven't started anything inside yet, thinking about starting elephant's ears this week. I'm into water gardens, have a 450 gal pond and thinking about digging another one.

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Marisha(z6 sw OH.)

Haven't been around for a while, but I live outside of Oxford, in Butler Co.
Hi Freckles!! and Hi Kowalleka !!! Waving to you both!

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cha11incincy(z6 OH)

Hey everyone! I live in Mason and I'm new to the forum. I'm planning on working outside this weekend since I have a rare weekend off. Please, Mr. Weatherman, keep this nice weather for another day or so...

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Hi everyone. I'm new to this site and I live in oxford. I am going to try my hand at gardening this year and would like any help you all can give me! I rent so I want to try to keep most of my vegies and flowers in containers but I also want to grow some Hollyhocks and the old fashioned,climbing, wandering roses! I love the look of theses beautiful roses on a fence or trellis. I want to put them at the bootom of my 2nd floor deck posts so they can climb up it. I also thought about putting beans on a post or 2. What do ya think? Where would I get roses like that and do I have to start Hollyhocks from seed or can I buy plants?

There is so much that I want to do in the yard! I want to include a small water feature too.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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ellenp(z5 OH)

I'm in Greene County, not really that far. My deck is adjacent to a busy road. I'm surprised that I haven't been mistaken for a recycling center with all the jugs and bottles. I'm surprised no one has mentioned Mary's Plant Farm. A friend that used to live in Oxford took me there last summer for a hypertufa class. I didn't drive so I can't give directions but they have a website. They grow most of their own plants. Mary and her daughter run it and they are amazing. They even have a little tea room with home baked goodies. Plants and dessert, what more can you ask. They give different classes and are such nice, down to "earth" people. You can actually see the plants growing and you know what you buy is hardy to this area. It's worth the trip. Check it out. Anyone here from Greene County? I'm just outside Xenia. Everyone, enjoy this weather. Ellen

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