rabbit damage

woody64(5a)March 23, 2009

I have a couple of pear trees that the rabbits have eaten some of the bark of the trunk and was wondering if theres anything I can put on the trunk to help save the tree?

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I get rabbit damage on my roses and purple sandcherry each year. I try to remember to put a cage around them each fall. I just prune off all the chewed parts. If the rabbits completely girdled the trunk, the plant cannot be saved. This year they chewed one of my Explorer roses but it was above the graft. I'm going to prune off the chewed parts, put a small 'cage' around the base and hope for the best. Needless to say I forgot to put a cage around them in the fall. There's a row with 4 bushes and I'll have to figure something out for this fall. I was also thinking of planting some russian sage nearby and hoping the rabbits would stay away, wishful thinking? Marg

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Bogart(6 Ont.)

I've had success this year (so far, anyway...) by sticking in a barrier of Buckthorn branches around Magnolia and corkscrew hazels that in previous years the rabbits would do a lot of damage to.

Can you believe it - buckthorn is good for something in a cultivated setting???

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I use the white plastic tubes around my trees.

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