hiding daffodil leaves

noticklish(z5/6 CT)April 28, 2010

What is a good perennial for hiding the daffodil leaves over the summer ? I have had some success with hardy geranium since they are shallow rooted, bushy and most are non-invasive. The daffodils I have are in part shade.

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Still think interplanting daffodils with hemerocallis is the most "deceptive"
method. . .the NY Botanical Garden has a long curving walkway interplanted
with dozens of varieties of each plant (and, yes, I confess I "stole" the idea
from them years ago!) and it is a joy to behold for months. The declining
daffodil foliage (so similar to the daylily) seems to disappear as the developing
daylily foliage emerges. . .

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Carl, I think you could be on to something there! I have seen a display in front of a bank in our area. They planted a long strip with tulips and daylilies and it always amazes me how effective it is. It looks great every time I go by there. I wish I liked daylilies. [g] I'm still looking for other plants that are good at disguising the dying foliage because I really love daffodils.

I am going to have to notice which arrangement works best for me this year. I have a Nepeta 'Walker's Low' in front of one grouping. Another grouping is interplanted with Echinacea and another in back of Verbascum and Aquilegia that I have high hopes for. We'll soon see.

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runktrun(z7a MA)

I know I picked this one up from someone here on the NE forum but the daffodil's that are not hidden by daylily foliage-thanks Carl, I quickly braid them up then fold the braid in half.

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Plant behind peonies or other large perennials that will hide them. Plant at the feet of large floppy shrubs that as they leaf out will either cover or at the least distract from the dying foliage.

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tree_oracle(z6b MA)

Mine are hidden by Lupine foliage which gets tall and thick enough with their rather large fan-like leaves to hide the daffodil foliage quite effectively.

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Mine are under planted with green and white hosta. Just as the daffs are dying, the hosta are emerging and they look nice and clean in their shady spot for the summer. Hosta is such a care free plant!

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

I was out in the garden this morning and noticed that I had some daffs behind a Nepeta Walker's Low and they were completely hidden behind it. The Nepeta is over a foot tall already.

Debra, I always thought hostas and daffodils want different conditions, so I never put them together. The areas where I've put any hostas are always too shady for the daffodils. Do you grow your hostas in more sun?

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