Clematis 'Stolwijk Gold'

dfaustclancyApril 28, 2011

Hello All,

I just received my new Clematis 'Stolwijk Gold' from Well Sweep in NJ and it looks so tiny! I know it will be a few years before it starts to perform well, but I was wondering if others who have this clematis would be kind enough to post their photos or advice. It was priced at $19.95, but no one else had it and I guess I had LUST!!! Anyhoo, if you have this clematis and want to discuss it and how it performs, feel free. Thanks.

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I bought one last spring. It was super tiny. It seemed to grow a bit last summer, though at one point our woodchuck decided to taste it.

I'm not sure if it survived the winter at all - I don't see any evidence of it peeking through the ground yet.

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Pixie Lou,

It's still early and lots of my clemmies haven't made an appearance yet. I betcha your woodchuck just "pruned" it for you, and you'll have many more new stems coming up because of it. Remember, Prune to Bloom!

Anyone else wanna comment?

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Mine was new last year, bought as a quart size from Hummingbird Farm. I'm not at home currently and haven't been since mid-April, but I will take a photo of mine when I get back home in a few days. When I left, mine had buds that were swelling on last year's growth, so I knew that it was alive and getting anxious to grow. I'm in a valley with late frosts, so many things get going really slowly for me. I don't know what if anything it will be doing when I get back, but I hope that I will get to see a few blossoms this year. At least one of my other attregenes has bloomed the second spring. I did enjoy the gold/chartreuse foliage last summer since it was in one of my blue and gold beds. Mine, in very organic soil (a raised bed of almost pure well-rotted manure over my native very fine sand,) grew from a few inches to about four feet. Although type 1s don't normally get much pruning, I may trim it a bit this summer so that I can replace its current small obelisk with a larger support as my other attragenes are pretty large and rambunctious. Due to its gold foliage I am expecting it won't get quite as big as fast as the others, but this is just a guess.

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When I was out spraying the poison ivy today, I *think* I saw my Stolwijk Gold starting to poke out of the ground. Lets hope so!

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My clematis 'Stolwijk Gold' is just starting to open its flowers; it has not really progressed much since last weekend since it's been so cold, rainy and overcast. I took some photos, though the color of the flowers is less pink and more a steely lavender blue with a purple blush near where the stem attachment is. I think the first photo is closer to the true color, though neither is quite right. From May 18, 2011 From May 18, 2011

It is the first of my three attragene clematis to open.

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3 weeks ago I finally saw my Stolwijk Gold peeking out of the ground. Granted we did have a cool wet spell, but in 3 weeks time, it didn't do more than peek out of the ground. Which made me decide that he "didn't like the neighborhood". So on Wednesday, I decided to dig him up and move him to a different spot in the yard. He is now up to about 6" tall! At this point, I doubt I'll get blooms this year, but at least he seems to have found a happy location!

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Wow! I forgot all about this posting until I ran across it and lo and behold, there are photos here! Thank you nhbabs for posting and giving hope for this year 2012. Should be an early early spring and I'll be out looking for buds this weekend when the weather is supposed to be almost 70. Imagine in March! Yowsa. Your plants look lovely and you are such a good mama to your clemmy. Keep up the good work and feel free to post more pics if you feel like it. Or if your SG is kind to you.

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