March--What's blooming at your house?

Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)February 28, 2007

Since it's the last day of Feb, I thought I'd just start a thread for March (and skip Feb)

While strolling yesterday, I saw Crocus, Dorothy blooming. What a welcome surprise!

That's all for now.


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lynnem(5 Ohio)

Is it winter aconite??? Just saw yellow blooms today. That's it for me, but it's so darn wet around here that even the grassy areas are muddy...

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I can always tell spring is just around the corner when my snowdrops bloom.

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tjsangel(z5 OH)

I have lots of bulbs coming up...Crocus, tulips, daffodils, Hyacinth. Some of my roses have new growth on them. Spring is in the air and I cant wait!


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Hey Sue!

I have some small Crocus of unknown variety blooming in the yard. I've got tulips poking up through the mulch, as well as hyacinths that got freeze damage a bit but hopefully they'll be okay. Also have daff's coming up, but I don't worry about them b/c they're the "wild" variety.

Some of the plants I Wintersowed in Jan 06 and planted out last spring survived the entire winter and I'm hoping they'll give me an early show.

I also have dutch iris that accidentally sent up foliage too early and it's freeze damaged as well. I REALLY hope they make it, b/c they're my favorite!

The daylilies and hostas are starting to poke up through the mulch, which is always very encouraging b/c I bought several daylilies on sale last fall and wasn't sure they'd survive my less-than-gentle divisions.

Lastly, I've got 11 foals "blooming" out here on the farm!

Any news on a spring plant swap?


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Rats! Nothing for me -- not even snowdrops! (And this is the time of year I always kick myself for not planting more spring bulbs!)

Broodyjen -- There's a swap in Hiliard, just outside of Columbus, on May -- 19th, I think. Whereabouts in Kentucky are you?

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kydaylilylady(z6 KY)

I saw a little snow crocus outside the back door "thinking" about opening up. If we'll ever have a nice sunny day I think it'll pop out. I mulched my daffodils and other spring bulbs pretty heavy last summer so I haven't seen hide nor hair of them yet. Hopefully, soon.

The daylilies out in the field that are unmulched are thinking about coming out. I'll have to go out and do a check to see how many southern pretties bit the dust during the cold this year. Hopefully most of what I bought last year has enough dormancy to not have sustained damage. It's getting time to get the fertilizer and Snapshot down. I do believe spring is coming!


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well i just posted that my crocus are up finally today!!! over on the Great Lakes Forum, so i stopped by here to post the same. I've had snowdrops in bloom since december, but my crocus in the lawn finally popped open today!! seems like spring might just be getting here after all. Last year
the crocus were blooming by Feb 25th. Still its way to wet to satrt doing anything in the garden.
i was sunny today as well as up to 50 degrees!!!!!!
nice to escape the usual greyness of NE Ohio.


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alanrocks(z6 KY)

I have several colors of crocus, Iris reticulata (blue and maroon), dwarf daffodils (about 6" tall) and snow drops. The snowdrops and crocus were doing well in January, but the cold February stopped them.

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Hi all. I am new to the site. I live in Columbus, OH and at this time I only have Hyacinths sprouting. Spring is almost here. Yea.

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plantsnobin(z6 IN)

Today we have the following blooming: Iris reticulata, crocus, snowdrops, mini daffodils, Helleborus, Hepatica, rue anemone,chinodoxa, and unfortunately, vinca-I can't pull it up fast enough. Wish I had never let it get established.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

today I noticed iris reticulata
3 different daffs
2 different crocus,
and a few low blooms on the forsythia.

Must remember to check Helleborus tomorrow.

Plantsnobin, Where are you located? I'm in Scott County...about 30 miles north of Louisville.


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HI All, Im just east of Columbus and actually have the cutest little johnny jump ups blooming. They are close to the brick house on the west side. Sooo nice to see some color even if it's just a little bit !!!! : )

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plantsnobin(z6 IN)

To Chemocurl- I live in Paoli. My daughter and I went yesterday to a nature preserve called Hemlock Cliffs, and there the Erigenia and the Anemonella were blooming, along with the Hepaticas. If anyone is located within 2 or 3 hours of Crawford County, IN, and are interested in native flora, this really is a great place to see rare plants. I hesitate to tell too many people about it, as I would hate to see too many people there.

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plantsnobin(z6 IN)

Today, in addition to the ones listed above, we also have blooming Corydalis 'Beth Evans' and Pulmonaria 'Roy Davidson'

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storygardener(5/6 central oh)

Well....I did a walk about today. I have a few things blooming:



It's starting. Love it!

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yesterday i found iris reticulata in bloom. my early crocus just about gone, but the mid seasons are just starting to pop open. lasts of daffs up and buds swelling.

1st week of april i plan on pruning and moving roses!!!
looking forward to the swap.

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I now have hyacinth blooming in full force, along with the daffs. The iris reticulata are starting to peter out, and the early crocus are gone now as well. The forsythia is blooming, although it seems to have some sort of parasite so I am going to prune it. I have a few white muscari up as well.

Also my rhododendron has buds on it.

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I love springtime!Crocus is blooming and Buttercups are coming up,As my Tulips are on their way up also!They bloomed just about 3 day's ago just north of Dayton...E

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Columbines, just started this morning! We are having glorious weather!

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cha11incincy(z6 OH)

I pulled into my driveway after work this evening to a welcome sight of my star magnolia in bloom. :-) I also have daffodils and hyacinths but the magnolia takes the cake in my yard because of the wonderful sweet scent!

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ademink(z5a-5b Indianapolis)

Hi Sue! :)

Star Magnolia, bloodroot, hyacinths, crocus, Iris reticulata, squill, spirea 'mellow yellow', flowering almond shrub, peach trees, anemone blanda, trillium, crabapple trees, hepatica and some various other ephemerals I don't know the name of! :)


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6) many folks with so many pretties blooming. I now wish I would have kept better track of so many things with thedate they first started blooming.

Now add to my list
Red bud trees
crabapple tree
2 different forsythias
flowering almond shrub
Spirea Prunifolia
spirea 'mellow yellow',
Numerous daffs, both old and new
Numerous muscari- "
Johnny jump ups
wild violets
The very first Trout Lily. I have several at the one leaf age, but there is one that bloomed...a first for me

Congratulations on the 11 foals blooming,(missed that earlier). How exciting that must be!

Soon time to start an April thread.

Happy April Fools Day to y'all a little early!


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