planting cold weather crops anyone?

auntiedonna2(z5MA)April 14, 2006

Hi folks, I am wondering if anyone has started planting cold weather crops outside? My husband is in his first year of retirement...The gardens are already tilled.

I planted, Lettuce, Swiss Chard, Beets, Carrots & Peas., firgure I will start with small rows and try to replant another batch in about 10 days. Our gardens are usually under snow or water this time of year. It will be interesting to see if these rows produce any faster than something planted later in the month.

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

I winter-sow, and I planted out my lettuce and beet seedlings a few days ago. This is my first year ever growing beets, so I wasn't sure if I planted too early, but I think they'll be okay. I got a late start on my peas, but they will be planted out as soon as they sprout.

I'm also trying eggplant for the first time. They sprouted yesterday, so they will be planted out probably next week some time.


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gata(z5a NH)

I planted peas yesterday, along with some onion sets and onion plants (red). I was surprised to see onion plants at walmart.

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solana(z5a NH)

I'm direct sowing everything mentioned above plus radishes; have some winter sown broccoli which will go out as soon as it's large enough to handle.

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paulaj(z5 ME)

I've direct-seeded peas(4/1), broc, cabbbage, lettuce, onion, spinach and got so hopeful I even put in a row of corn, and a little okra. The raised beds were steaming, the sunshine was streaming, and I thought, what the hey. What if this spring continues warmer than usual, the garden will be ahead. If there's a bad frost, I'll just replant. The soil looks good enough to eat...

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annie_nh(z4/5 NH)

I've direct-seeded lettuce and spinach and they have all sprouted. My late husband used to plant peas every year on April 1st . If there was snow on the ground he would shovel it off. We always had plenty of peas for the 4th of July. I don't do that anymore as I hate to shell them.
I'll be interested to know how your eggplant survives, Dee . It would never survive this early in my garden but maybe it will in yours since you are in zone 6.

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What is the best way to plant Onions???By Onions plants
or by Onion sets?? And what is the correct time to plant same in the great state of Massachusetts.

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