whats up in your yard in 2012

diggerb2(z5oh)February 26, 2012

well i'm later than usual in getting out my usual post

to solve my mid winter blues here in NE Ohio.

usually our winters are grey snowy and wet as well as cold.

and by the beginning of february i'm sick enough of it all to start looking for signs of spring

this year its been a bit different to say the least.

i noticed snow drops blooming the 19th of january. species

crocus were blooming the first week of february. my daffs

are up and beginning to show big fat buds. i'm hoping that

march will be kind and we don't have a foot of snow for st pats day, and that for once i get to see my daffs standing

proud in the sunshine.

so if you areb't like in zone 7 or higher and want to post

about your signs of spring. lets hear what you have to say

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And then this week it feels like late spring!

I was surprised that our crocuses just bloomed last week at work, on a sunny southern slope. It seemed kinda late. But then, in the course of a week it seems like all the spring flowers are making up for lost time.

One of the things I was most excited to see was the Nodding Ladies Tresses, Spiranthes cernua coming up. Last year I bought a bunch in a clearance sale last year for a shady little corner with maidenhair ferns and moss. I was afraid they might not make it!

I'm still working on the gardens at my new home, so seeing anything pop up is nice. The hostas and the rhubarb are poking their heads up, and I saw the little stubs of peonies starting to emerge. The resurrenction lilies are up and about 8" tall, and the maples are flowering.

Go spring!

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I had my yellow dogwood starting to bloom, and blossoms on the vinca, the first week of February. Also had to spend 90 minutes weeding my bulb bed that week--there were sprouts of (what I think is) dead nettle everywhere! Including all through the iris (the ones that you gave me, Alison)

This week I have noticed that nearly all my spring bloomers are up and blooming at once--tulips being the exception. According to my planner, most are a full month or more ahead of the past two years. My rhubarb is full up--but I can't find the asparagus yet. Hope it made it. The blueberries are budding and my little apple tree survived the predations of the deer once more. I just covered it with netting as a stopgap until I find a better protection for the summer.
I have definitely lost a rose and my weigela, both seemingly healthy in the fall and both in the same bed along the fence where I previously had a ninebark up and die. I wonder if something is burrowing under their roots? I couldn't find any entrance to a burrow though.

Wonder if this mild winter and very warm March foretell a terribly hot summer?

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