What type of soil is in Lexington, KY?

AustinGarden(6B)February 26, 2013

I'm moving there in a few months, and I LOVE to garden. I'd like to able to have beautiful plants there. Like, is it well drained, clay, red clay, sandy, loamy, silty, saline, or peaty. If you know what it is, please say so and list a few plants that would grow. Plus trees, if you want. I know this isn't the right category, but where else was I supposed to ask?

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cliff98(z6 OH)

You can zoom in to the exact location on this map and it will tell you soil composition.


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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

Soil here is extremely variable, and extremely thin this makes the layers of strata shallow, you can have glorious black humus and 3 inches down hit grey blue snotty clay, it varies from street to street even, parts of town are an old lake bed, it was huge, soil on the old banks of it are great...
If you land in an old area of lex, chevy chase, henry clay, southland, the list goes on and on, then you will have great humusy loam, if you land in one of the MANY new house, you may find you actually have subsoil for your yard, fun stuff... Everything around here is usually easily amended with sand, peat, humus, etc... Except the worst clays and deep sub soil that's been exposed...
Generally though the bluegrass platuae and specifically Lexington are some of the best soil in the region, the only better is undisturbed mountain soil... Sadly the situation is that soil is being paved over, scraped and sold off for topsoil as more neighborhoods pop up, or being turned to horse farms, and fast! Pretty sad to see...
We can grow most anythin here, I grow cacti and succulents, tropicals and weird stuff, goes inside or in my greenhouse for winter and out in the yard for summer, but at farm we have lilies, daylilies, hostas, iris, gladiolus, roses, on and on, it's hot enough and the seasons long enough to grow all but the most tropical stuff...
Email me when you get if you would like
I have lots if plants. : )

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