Where to find Paw Paw Trees or Seeds ?

riotgrowww(z6 OH)March 28, 2004

I was just curious if anybody knew a place that was offering paw paw saplings for transplanting. I've recently found out about them and think they sound like a good tree to try to introduce to the forest where I'm living.

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

Seems like Better Homes and Gardens did an article on that a while back. It looked like a nice tree that would be fun to grow. I think Oakland Nursery here in Columbus had some last year.

Sounds like a nice project. Let us know how it works out.

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tonitime(Z-6a / E.KY)

I'd like to recommend England's Orchard & Nursery in Kentucky.

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darrelbarrel(z6 SW OHIO)

Try www.gurneys.com. They are a mail order catalog. $11.95 for 1 or 2 for $10.75. I grew up on a street named pawpaw, never saw a tree though...lol

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tillable2000(z6 OH)

Don't know where you live but I was at Bakers Acres, (near Granville) yesterday and they had some, not tons but about 15 or so small plants in 1 gallon pots.Beware driving thru the very small town of Alexandria though,,,,MAJOR SPEED TRAP.....we got caught, $80 dollar fine for doing 35 mph. in a very poorly marked 25 mph zone,,,,

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MeMyselfAndI(5/6 central OH)

Did you know about the Ohio Paw Paw Festival? It's in September in Albany, OH (just SW of Athens.) Here is a good reference sheet about PP's. Especially the part about halfway down, "Pollenation." Apparently a lone tree will not product fruit. You did ask about a plural amount of saplings, so this may be something you already knew... Good luck!

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Dagget(5/6 Central OH)

There is a fellow with a nursery down in Athens by the name of Five Springs, and I know he grows the ones sold by Oakland. He recently moved from Columbus, and still sells here at many events.

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

How cool is that Dagget? Best wishes to all you Paw paw people! And yes, it was an article about the Paw paw festival and BHG that made me look and wonder!


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tillable2000(z6 OH)

Five Springs Farm has lots of PawPaws,,I was there yesterday, www.bamboofarm.com is their website, gallon pots were about $10, 3 gallon/$15 or something like that, the PawPaw festival is practically in my back yard, interesting event where you can sample lots of pawpaw products--also a small local company is marketing some products--www.integrationacres.com--the autumn chutney is to die for....and the simmer sauce for pork/chicken is really tasty too. I've been hearing rumors that the pawpaw may become our 'state fruit',,,(never knew we had a state fruit until I saw the article in the newspaper), since the pawpaw is our only native fruit tree. That is, of course, if the local politians have their way,,,LOL.

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I have some paw paw tree seeds... these have been stored in a moist pack in my frig., over the winter.
Are you interested in them.?

Here is a link that might be useful: Sherry's Trade List

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luvs_chai(z6 WV)


i would LOVE some of ur seeds- i have been trying to find a seed or start for months now!!

please email me if u have any left..

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riotgrowww, if you live in the southwest part of Ohio, you might try Earthscapes Nursery on Rt 48 just north of Loveland. They usually have them.

I have a neighbor with a lone tree in his yard and I have not found any others nearby and it produces fruit and the seed has always been viable for me. Fresh seed is the key - get it in the fall, plant it and bury the pot in the ground or in a coldframe and cover with leaves. Pull it out in late March, place in a sunny but protected location and let Mother nature do her thing. Holler at me in August if you need any seed.

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int. jn growing fruit when i retire in 5 or 6 years

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I've bought paw paw tree from www.tytyga.com web site.
the shipping goods just two sticks with no root bears at all. I don't know if this can be survived. should anyone can tell me?
that web site customer supporter had controversial answers.

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Tyty has a very poor reputation

If there are no roots it is not something that can grow I think. If you scratch the bark gently with your fingernail, is there any green underneath? If not, it is dead.

Good luck getting your money back

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I have some pawpaw seedlings for interested gardeners in Lorain county.I will be happy to share.

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I am looking for pawpaw seeds, especially the mango pawpaw and the Pennsylvania Golden pawpaw. If anyone has some to spare and would mail them to me, I would be happy to pay for them. I don't have any seeds to trade because I am just beginning.

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We have several growing wild in our woods and had no idea what they were until we had an arborist walking through with us who informed us of the PawPaw tree and pointed them out to us. Pretty neat. We ended up getting fruit off one, which was pretty tasty and we kept the seeds. Unfortunately though, the seeds have been sitting on our counter and so they are probably no longer any good since I read after about a week of having them that they need to be kept moist.

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I just got a catalog from One Green World and they have 17 varieties of Paw Paw for sale. I have bought other trees from them and have been very satisfied.

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