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mctavish6August 24, 2009

There are many forest fires in BC right now. About 20 started last Friday night with a huge lightening storm. It was also raining buckets so how new one's started I don't understand. Anyway, one was dirrectly west of us, across the bit of lake that we see from the balcony. It was 39 hectares on Saturday night but with the wind grew to over 700 by last night. It is a rural area but there are quite a few people on evacution alert. It is about 1/2 hour from here.

The first picture shows our "normal" sunset view in early Aug. The next picture shows the flames which were clearly visable on Saturday night. I didn't use a tripod, in fact my first attempt at picture that night were of the house lights down in Canoe.

The third picture is during the day yesterday when the smoke was unbelievable so I mostly stayed inside.

Fortunately the wind was not too bad last night and the fire didn't seem to grow like it did the night before.

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How horrible for all of you who have to experience it. Mother Nature can be cruel sometimes. Hopefull all you will have to contend with is the smoke.


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Oh my!! I hope you have air conditioning and can get some clean air to breathe!!!

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Will be thinking of you, McT.

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Thank you guys. It's not so bad today so I think I can do something outside a bit later.

Air conditining??? Ha. We call them windows. We have to be careful because most of our windows don't have screens. It's not the bugs I worry about but Bo, the cat. There are rooms we don't want him in and he refuses to accept that. The screens are not 100% because he sometimes goes right through them.

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jakkig(CT Z5/6)

Mctavish - my thoughts are with you - we experienced bush fires when I lived in Australis. It is terrifying - hope the flames are under control now.

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