artichoke disease

Evie123February 12, 2013

hi-1st posting. I'm growing artichokes in Victoria, BC, and the 1st bud is always fine. After that, some of the buds get a brown shriveling on the top,and the leaves develop a yellow band along the edges with brown spots later developing in the yellow band. I can't find any pictures of either viral or bacterial or fungal diseases that could be causing this. I am also wondering about a possible calcium deficiency? Thanks!!!

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Perhaps water shortage or erratic supply?

- What method do you use to water?
- How do you determine when to water?
- How do you determine you've applied enough?
- How wet, dry or moist does the soil before you water again?

This is from California but may provide some insights

Here is a link that might be useful: growing artichokes & more

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I'm using overhead watering, and the soil stays pretty moist. It is mulched with the leaves, I water twice a week.the powdery mildew pictures on your link look like my leaves, but the gray mold describes the buds being I will try this year pulling back all the leaves, for the summer,and watering really early in the morning, less frequently.thanks.

I would love to see some diagnosis that accounts for the buds and the leaves at the same time,but will certainly try any idea.

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