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jamie81(4b)August 15, 2013

I am looking through the listing at Venero Nursery, and I see the most gorgeous hosta. Cornbelt. Just a beautiful picture. The description does not match the picture. I tried to find some information on it, and I didn't really find anything here.

The hosta library pictures have to be a totally different hosta. has the same beautiful picture as Venero. I am guessing it is not a picture of Cornbelt.

Does anyone grow Cornbelt? More important, does anyone know the name of the hosta they are calling Cornbelt?

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I agree that the hosta pictured is not 'Corn Belt'. It has the opposite color combo. I have no idea what hosta it is in the picture, though. Sorry.

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Give Dory at Veneros a call. It'll either be her or husband answering.


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bkay2000(8a TX)

The hosta photos on the hosta library are all donated. The hosta may not be correctly identified in every photo. It says that on the home page.


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donrawson(Z 5)

Hmmm...looks like Venero has a pic of some other hosta. All the pics on the Hosta Library and in The Hostapedia (page 204) show a gold-centered, green-margined hosta. And the description on the Venero webpage says, "A sport of 'Jimmy Crack Corn', gold foliage with a wide green margin," but their photo doesn't agree.

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I agree, that isn't a picture of Corn Belt. Maybe somebody switched the photos when they put the catalog together, I bet they would be able to untangle the puzzle if you called them. Or maybe they bought the photo, as I saw several other nurseries had the identical picture for Cornbelt when I googled it.


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I figured it wasn't Cornbelt, but it is such a pretty hosta, just wondered if anyone could identify it. The picture does show up a couple other places, so they probably did buy it.

The pictures at the hosta library match the description, so I would guess that is what Cornbelt really looks like.

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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

I do. It is one of my favorites. I have grown him from a liner and he is a good one.

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