Apache Rubus Blackberry

garrai81February 27, 2014

I bought some Apache blackberry plants last year, and they fruited a little, before getting toasted because they were too close to a wall.

I am going to move them now further away from the wall.

In the meantime, I can't tell from the advice online how to prune them. The long stalks bore fruit.

Should I cut those back to a foot from the ground?



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The other plant.

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Try posting to the fruit & orchards forum.

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I posted an answer to this earlier but I guess it didn't show up.
Yes,with most Blackberry plants,after the cane fruits,it's done and can be cut off right near the ground.Other canes should sprout out of the crown and be left until they fruit. Brady

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Complete advice for this topic does appear on the Fruit and Orchard forum, under a similar title.

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