Looking for Greater Cincinnati Ornamental Grass Seller

roadtrip(z6 OH)March 19, 2007

In the Fall of 05' a small grower in the Cincinnati area posted an ad in the Cincinnati Enquirer selling various Ornamental Grasses. They were located on the west side of Cincinnati and I traveled over to the property and loaded up my car full of plants at a VERY good price for the whole lot.

I've been looking for them for some spring planting and have lost the phone number etc I had when I made the purchase. I'd love some additional grasses and am looking for these folks.

Anyone in the Greater Cincinnati area also anwser this ad and still have the contact info? I don't know if they were selling still this last fall as I didn't have a need for more plants at the time.

Thanks in advance!


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Is there anything you can recall about the establishment as there are many in that direction. I know Greenfield Plant Farm on the northeast side of town - between Hopkinsville and Maineville off Rt 48 - has a good selection of different grasses, but I've no idea on their prices.

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roadtrip(z6 OH)

Thanks for the suggestions.

I've been to Greenfield (only shopped at the Anderson Township location, not the big store up in Mainville) and a few years back when Ohio River Grass closed it's doors and Greenfield's bought the stock and brought over a few of the people from Ohio River Grass. I wished I had know about Ohio River Grass before it closed, but I did stock up grasses and spent a bundle in the process at Greenfields.

I'm not certain if the folks from Ohio River Grass are still with Greenfield, but last year they didn't have as many grasses and I've been increasingly unsatisfied with the Anderson store so have been shopping there less and less. Burgers out on 32 is getting most of my plant dollars.

The seller I'm looing for is on the west side of Cincy and I found them via a newspaper classified ad in the Enquirer fall of 05' and decided to make the trip accross town.

I bought a whole car load of plants for a really super price and that's why I was looking for them as I don't have a whole lot of extra funds to spend, but wanted more grasses to fill out my new sunny hillside planting.


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Hello all! I am a new Ornamental Grass grower in Cincinnati. The name of my business is Koopa Turf & Ornamental. Located in Morrow. ~~ www.koopagrass.com. ~~

I have done lots of research and have packed my inventory with what I believe to be the most beautiful cold hardy varieties to our temperature zone 5-6 here in SW Ohio.
I love rare varieties not typically seen.

Some favorites are:
Andropogon gerardii 'Bushy Bluestem' Big Bluestem
Molina arundinacea 'Skyracer' Tall Moor Grass
'Foxtrot' Fountain Grass
'Aureola' Japanese Hakone Grass
Malepartus Maiden Grass
'Peppermint Stick' Variegated Giant Reed Grass

Sping 2011 I will have total 38 varieties
I sell in different sizes.1-5 gallon pots and field clumps. please check website for photos and current availability. ~~ www.koopagrass.com ~~
Happy Gardening!

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