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I'm looking for a low growing ground cover (preferably no more than 2 inches high) that will grow in heavy clay soil with poor drainage. This will be growing in between rocks on a walkway with the soil gaps between each rock being 1" to 3". I've tried thyme on the rocky slope just above it and it's doing fine because the water can run downhill. The thyme was my first choice but it wouldn't grow on the walkway because of the poor drainage, as it is flat. I tried blue star creeper later on the walkway and it did grow and spread for a few months. Right now it is brown and really looks bad, and although it may green up again in the spring, I know it can be invasive and I would rather have something that looked better in the winter. By the way I live in southwest Ohio in zone 6. I planted many various forms of thyme and sedum on the slope above the walkway last summer and most of the plants seem to be doing alright. If someone knows of some other low growing groundcover such as thyme, that would possibly tolerate the poor drainage, I would love to hear from you. Incidentally, I actually do have one patch of red thyme on the sidewalk that seems to be doing alright so far. I believe it may be planted just an inch or two higher than the other thyme I had planted on other areas of the walkway. I could try planting more of it this spring and just build up the area a little higher in hopes that it will drain well enough to survive, but I have serious doubts that it will since most of the other areas of the walkway set slightly lower and therefore do not drain quite as well. Any suggestions? Thanks

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Gold Dust Sedum would do incredibly well. It will multiply rapidly but is very easy to pull out if needed. That is it's greatest fragility -that you can pull out a whole section in minutes if needed. But if will love wet clay soil. It grows to about 2 to 3 inches and has little yellow flowers.

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janetkp(Z6 OH)

Sedum acre is my suggestion, too. In fact, there are several small sedums which would be suitable. However, no plant likes to be trodden on - except weeds which - IMHO - survive all abuse.

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