Reclaimation of old Flower Bed

charlies_daughterApril 13, 2007

I live on my Mom's homeplace, new home but about the same size as old house and same shape. My grandmother had flower beds all over the place and I have neglected them for a few years (well, add a few more years) due to being physically unable to maintain them. Now that I am doing better, I would like to "save" what I can.

I am having much difficulty with the bed that runs along the road. There are 3 or 4 plum trees, that continuously sprout new trees; wild honeysuckle is choking the white lilac, forsythia, old-fashioned lilac and a rose bush; and finally, the limestone that Grandma used to "mark" new starts have all sunk into the ground except for a few.

Can anyone tell me:

1.) How to clean out the plums without picking them all up or raking them.

2.) How to remove existing saplings safely. (without damaging other flowers and shrubs in the area)

3.) How to kill off the honeysuckle. (I have cut them off at what seems to be the "root" . . . but the little legs on them root back)

4.) An easy way to find all my limestone (LOL I know, use a shovel)

I know some of this may seem silly but I seriously would love to reclaim it to look like it did when I was little . . .

I have saved many things like a rose bush and some hosta plants that returned after being bull-dozed (hardy things!) but would love for the front bed to look nice.

Thanks for any help ya'll can give me . . .


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lynnem(5 Ohio)

Tracey, I have a creek running thru my property that's overrun with honeysuckle. Actually, now is a good time to eradicate them, as long as they aren't too very large.You'll find they are easy to pry out of the ground this time of year. The roots run parallel to the ground, just under the soil. I just put my shovel underneath the main stems, and start prying...then just pull on the roots, they should come right out.

For the saplings, I'd get a chainsaw, and cut them level to the ground.

Can't help you with the limestone and plums.

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Hello Tracey, Are your plums good to eat? Did your Grandmother use the plums or can them? You might just find that you could swap them on the garden exchange. Check out e-bay . If you can't give them away sell them. I have a peach tree that just poped up in my yard. It has the best peaches I have ever tasted. It took a couple of years to find out what kind of tree we had. Boy was I happy I left the tree alone. To make along story short. I leave the seed on the ground ,most do not root . I have given many of these seedlings away . Every year I have friends waiting for one. Once someone Taste the pies that can be made in just waiting a couple year for the tree to mature, They want one. Try one of your grandmothers receipies and you will most likely find people willing to come out and dig their own tree. Good Luck , Pam

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