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Dee_Ohio(z6 OH)April 29, 2004

Okay. I've been told never by mail order by Denny McKeown), but I live in southeastern ohio and there is very little selection. We have one really good greenhouse, but they are really expensive. So I found Mellingers. I was skeptical, because they had all these great reviews and their prices were reasonable. During this sametime I received plants from Springhill. Well they looked BBBBAAADDD. But I complained and they replaced them. So they did make good. When my Mellingers order arrived they looked good, but then I planted them. Within a week they looked great. I couldn't believe the quality.

So I ordered more.

Does anyone know about some great greenhouses in the Southeastern Ohio area? I live in Pomeroy, along the Ohio River, just south of Athens, Ohio.

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princess_mimi(z5 6 OH)

Sorry, I can't help you find a green house but I might be able to help you another way. Have you checked out the get togethers forum? We are having a swap on May 15th in Hilliard. You are about a one hour drive from us. We just pot up what we have to divide and swap away! The thread you'll need is called "Central Ohio Plant swap and Pot Luck Mya 15th cont."

Let us know if you can make it!


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byrdzeye(z5 OH)

Are you familiar with "Glasshouse Works" in Stewart? They have a staggering collecion of 'hard-to-find' and rare plants.

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I have ordered from bluestoneperennials just about every year, prices are great and they are a great company.

check them out, they are here in Ohio.

happy gardening,

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tillable2000(z6 OH)

HI Dee---I live in Athens,,,,you didn't mention what you are looking for but try the Athens Farmers Market on Saturday morning for great plants and prices(the fresh veggies,eggs,meat,and baked goods are wonderful too),also Five Springs Farm near Athens is great for shrubs and trees,terrific selection of unusual and cheap plants. Down to Earth Nursery (located somewhere near Racine I believe) has nice plants also, they also have a shop in Athens- OR-call the Meigs County extension office,,the agent there is really knowledgable about plants and knows all the area green house folks. My experience with Glass House Works is that they are very expensive, the plants are very small and often have almost no roots-!! Happy Shopping!!!

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Dee_Ohio(z6 OH)

Thanks for the input, all. I will check them all out. I love looking at all the different varieties. I don't mind paying more for something if its worth the extra money. Of course I love finding bargains. Keeps the DH off my back. Some people go shopping for shoes, I go for plants.

Till, I went to school at ou. I don't know why it never occured to me to look in Athens. That sounds like a good trip. I will check them out next weekend.

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cecropia(z5 Oh)

I've been to Mellingers (they also have a retail store) and Glasshouseworks.Both have a lot of incredible,hard to find plants but Mellingers is bigger and more commercial.At Glasshouse I actually bargained with the co-owner to get a lower price on a less-than-perfect perennial.

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I just received my order from Mellingers a few days ago and I have to give them a big thumbs up. I was really impressed with the quality of the plants that I got. Sorry I can't help you out with greenhouses - I'm in N. Central OH. Good luck with your search and have a fun trip to Athens! Jamie

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ohiogal(z5-6 OH)

Check out Companion Plants Nursery in Athens at 7247 N. Coolville Road, if you get to Athens. They have a website which looks promising. and I've been wanting to get there for over a year. Let us know what it's like if you do.

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tillable2000(z6 OH)

HI Ohiogal---I've been to Companion Plants several times,,they have a very large selection of herbs and a few native plants--it's a specialty nursery though and not very large areawise,,,they have more kinds of thyme than I could have ever imagined, and some really unusual herbs. The owners are very friendly and helpful. They do mailorder if you aren't able to make it there in person.

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